Some times you are empty, you do not feel anything, you do not have great ideas to talk about but instead it is not the habit you should develop by not doing anything or the things you like to do most.

Just carry on with doing what you do most, if you feel of writing then please go forward and do it. If you feel like making love do not stop at that moment just do it. It is the very moment which is very close to you. Everything else expect that is useless. It is worth nothing. The second you are reading this or you are doing whatsoever is the best moment in your life.

It is this very second that makes you feel that you are alive besides so many people struglling to live a life. It is this moment which reminds that you can do whatever you wish, in this moment you can travel thousand distances just by imagining. Never leave this moment.

Early in the morning, waking up with the new hope of seeing something great or hearing a good political progress in the country but nothing changes in overnight. It is the same. It was well expected to me that some of my work were not going to be success and it happened just as I expected besides that also it gave some pain.

This is the life, everything if wished becomes success then who will make a pleasure of living in the pain. A relationship as said by my wife is just like a mirror. It gives the reflection and nothing more. It can tell many things but I do not know much in detail why she said it as a mirror. I think it will be better explained by her. I wish I can ask her and deliver the message but sooner I get I will write why a relationship is similar to as a mirror.

Everything we do, act or react to is just a simple gestures which speaks a lot what we are going through, A person after watching a good football game gets excited to see his personal favorite team win but at the same time other person who is supporting his team looses and he is depresed. Meaning, there is always two side of every coin. A person can be happy or sad but I think there are some person or human who can do both at the same time. You can also be happy or you can be sad. You can be happy that you supported one team and it win and you can feel for the other person who supported the team which loose. It is his lost that gave you win.

One has to win and other has to loose that is the nature of Nature itself. Two cannot win, No gain without pain. In this mother earth, It is taught well to us that nothing comes easy and you to work very hard to gain anything but do not store your gain such as money. It will make you rich but it will not necessarily bring you happiness.

A man who works hard and at the same time utilizes what his money for the right time, right work and in right situation is the MAN. One has to learn to be man- it is also a process. Every one can be regarded as Man but not every is man.

Well, I wish every one to become and set an example of being a man by doing all the goods to Nature, country and society. Cheers !!!

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