Friday Supplements

Wake up early in the morning at around 2 am and just get ready to start your work. It is not easy. It is not difficult too. Once you make up your mind- you got to go for it. A guy who is working for a delivery work- paper delivery.

The deadline to submit all the papers are within 3 hours-nothing can stop you. Rain, Storm and Snow. Despite all these you got to finish your work and do it in proper manner. Imagine waking up first and then putting all your energy to doing the work. Second think of doing it. Third you got to relax for the work you did and you got to feed yourself very nicely.

People who have not done the work before will take it for granted. They can assume it as very easy task but once you do it. You know it better than anybody else. How you feel, experience and suffer with the pain of doing it. There are no alternatives despite doing it because it took 9 months to get a job.

A job in Finland which has been applied by the time I came to till date. Almost 9 months, after such a duration you get it and now you are left with your own self decision of doing to not doing. Either you struggle to survive or you die.

People who cannot see your progress are always worried about others. They will never have time to look at themselves and realize the fact that in what level of water they are dipping. A person who wants to think about himself and wants to make a dispute about others are those who you might think is close to you. He will do it for you, he will be good in front of you and at the same time he will tell thousand different things which will put you in trouble against others.

In the world with many difference it is not easy to find the similarity. It is not worth anything even if you try to find the similarity. It is just a periodic. A friend you think can be your greatest of enemy and the enemy you think can be one of a good friend. It is unknown till the known comes in your mind.

A “sorry” will not make a dead man come alive nor will “thank you” gives the pleasure of most pleasurable moments you want to see or the satisfaction you think you desire. A person either born in one land or no land is a just a person. A life is just to live and to think what else you have done for others. At the very end you will not know what has been done or will be done.

When a pain is given to you by the Nature, a pleasure will also be given. When a Nature wants you to see you happy at the same time it will also ask you to get depressed. A unexpected can bring you expected but the expected will not bring anything for joy.

A moral of life just goes something similar like that. Well, It is the Friday again, Many of people will think it is end of week but do not think it is the end of entire world. There will be many more Fridays to come just sit and watch. One could be pleasurable other could be even more pleasurable.

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