Things and Desire

Some times in the process of living a life we just follow what others say or ask us to do. When there are crucial moments to make a decision we do not let it go, we just listen to others rather than ourselves. When we listen to others or one could say-a mind is also the other being which is separate from a self.

A mind makes decision based on the previous and future experiences, it makes decision thinking and taking care the precaution in mind. It is worried more about the consequences than the result. It is worried more often than not by going through the path of total unknown. It is always worried. But when you make a decision by your heart-it is not worried than. It does not care where you are going or about any result or any circumstances or whatsoever.

An enlighten being is one who listens to his mind but also controls his mind. Gautam Buddha is one example, he made a tradition of controlling a persons mind and many followers started to follow him. However, any one who follows the path of Gautam Buddha could only hope to achieve the state that he achieved. Buddha described about Karma, he also made an statement on how to control mind, body and soul. During those times, people those who had knowledge in Northern India were Brahmins the top or superior caste and the knowledge was passed to only those who were Brahmins or descendent of Brahmins and to others no knowledge was passed. They were treated as the most educated of all.

Buddha changed it all, he followed his own route and discovered that any one can become or control the mind and reach the phase that is described as Nirvana. It is not so easy but it is not as difficult too. Only thing you need to do is-first give up your habits of smoking, drinking, or any such habit which you have. Second, forget about Maya(love) or I would say-Physical love.
Once you forget a physical love you are in some stages as described by the Buddhism. How many of us can leave our girl friends or our wife and leave a lonely life ?

Not only being lonely but also not committing sex for some resonable period in life. How many of us can control our little things that is hanging in our middle part of the body ? This is the process of filtration, many of us cannot and those who can cannot hang in there for longer period.

Everything is within us, we can make them work according to us. If only you remove “desire” you will remove greed, dissatisfaction, sadness, horror, disgust, anger, pain and many more such elements. The greatest virtue of living a life is removing the “desire”. It is not easy. Many of us live a life just to get to one point in life. This one point would be getting a good job, a stable life, a good bungalow or a good car but these all are material possession. We are not going to take them with us when we would be taken in the graveyard on our death ceremony or we are not goin to taken them with us when we are burned during our death.

Things and desire would never give you the real peace in your heart, never. It will never make you reach the final stage of where every monks desire of reaching-“Nirvana”. A complete peace. It will only give you the problems. All these problems in our life are with the things and desires. Once you can remove them from your mind-you will reach a phase where you will be alone-no one will be with you. Most of the people follow those who have somethings or some desire and talk about them most of the time but once you leave these you will fall in the category of some other human being. In those category, you will not be heard by these people, you will transform yourself into a man of wise. A process of reaching to wisedom is the process of removing from your mind “things and desires”.

Just try for a day-Early in the morning when you wake up-Start your day by looking to the beautiful Trees, flowers and the sky. See the climate-ask a question with the climate and Nature that are you angry today ? Are you going to give me pleasure with hot and sunny warmness or are you going to give me cool bridge ? you will get an answer. Once you will get an answer just start your day as a normal day. But remember not to go for the early morning sex with your wife or girl friend. Just completly ignore her. Do not go for controlling your desire just forget about your desire. Then do your all the activities that you do in your regular work but do not think in the entire day by looking the things around you-to get them.

Do not think that-This thing is so nice, I wish I could buy them or take them or I wish I will have them. No, No and No.
One of your greatest enemy is your desire. So, Now you have removed the desire of having, getting, earning, or gaining any thing. You have a reached a process of peace, a complete peace. Now your mind will ask you a thousand of questions- Hey Mr.XYZ, I want this, I want that-The boobs of that girl is so big, the thighs are so nice. I want to have sex with her or I wish I had a car like that.

These question are the problems, and you will reach the process once you will realize that your mind has not asked these questions at all. You mind says to you that, Oh ! that thing is good but it looks good where it is. I do not want it. I know it looks beautiful but the beauty is there where it lies.

Just try it once you will feel the total peace and harmony. Have a great day and enjoy the life.

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