A desire of Women is just like a pain. A pain which is not easily healed. Despite he fact that she wants something it cannot be fulfilled until and unless she gets really satisfied.

She is satisfied when she fulfills her personal desire. A desire then leads to “want” or “need”, She is feeling the pain most of the time in her heart. The pain is not the physical but it is similar to thinking a thought. A pain in the thought-which desires a person to fulfill it. It is hurtful to many of the times but at the same time it is not hurtful.

It exits and if you will ask them then they will not say-they really are feeling it. A feeling is generated in some corner of heart. A feeling and emotions are different. An emotions could be controlled. A feeling is difficult to control. It is not easily controllable.

Feeling leads to desire, she is there somehwhere she remembers you, she thinks every day and night about you. She needs you to be with you. She most of the time thinks about you. She wishes you to be with you. She is the one who really cares about you. Despite she might have a desire which could not be fulfilled without you, she promises that she will keep her desires with her. She promises that she will show up her desire only when you will be with her.

She is there all the time waiting for you. She knows when you are exactly feeling depressed or when you are feeling good. She knows that you do the same as she has been doing for you. A man on other hand will misinterpret the messege. He will feel the “desire” as the “sex”. He will most of the time think only sex on his mind.

A man’s mind is just like a dog. He wants to fulfill the desire by doing it. He knows only one mantra and that mantra is to fulfill the desire by realsing the sperm. Either it is in women or anywhere else.

Many men will not agree with me, as I would not also. It is same like saying that- I stole something but I would not accept it. She is the one who is there and she will take care of you but do not forget to understand her better. It would not be difficult to understand if you desire to do so. To understand a women is very difficult and it would be impossible as long as we will thik the word “difficult” is really difficult.

To some people “difficult” is very simple and the simple many of the times seems difficult. A beauty of early morning sun falling in the lake saimaa with resilent flower blossoms. A women desire remains unfulfilled just because the sun has not shine on her.

A sun shines in her when a man she feels will fulfill her desire will be with her most of the times, when she needs it and when she thinks about him. Till then a black cloud is not making her seen. A cloud which does not make a person visible-how can her desire be visible ? Forget about the other people, a husband or a lover will also not find it easily or see her desire.

To fulfill a womens desire does not mean you only satisfy only the physical needs. It is more than that. It requires your part of commitment. It requires dedication. It requires more out of you. It is not her desire you are fulfilling, you are satisfying yours most of the times.

It is upto you to decide, want to be or do not want to be, Feeling to live with her or feeling to live without her. Behind every person they say there is no one. But Behind every successful Man there is women. A women who will understand her man, she will take him far far away from others and she will give her man support, care, and most importantly satisfaction in physical, personal and emotional level.

Womens knows the path or destination you are travelling. She knows exactly where you will end up or where you will reach. A man knows nothing about the destination but he will try his best. A women will take her man to the destination he was willing to visit. Try to understand your women in your life. Try to learn from her. It is easy. Do not ask her or do not let her know that you are trying to learn from her but just ask her if you do not understand any minor of the details. She will surely let you know. If you are not involved with any women then do not worry-every dog has its day. It will come sooner or later. Do not hurry up but just do not slow down too. Move in your rythm, in your pace and by enjoying the music in your life.

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