Predict the future.

A good thing is that there is no bad thing. A bad thing is that there is nothing called bad. When I say this person, this things, or this environment is bad what does that mean to me or to some one else ?

To me, it means that that thing should be far from me or that I do not want to use it. or It could also mean that that things I do not like. To others when I say, this thing is bad does not matter just because that is your point of view or opinion. If the other person close to you is your husband or wife she will support you and try to avoid the thing you do not like or is bad or is not good enough.

Mos of the times most of the things are based on our percetion or our way of seeing or looking at the things. When I say, chicken is bad then chicken is not bad it is my mood that ask me to tell that it is not good. I do not want it. I have never tried it or I do not want it anymore. or this chicken has some scar or is expired and out of date.

All these are thoughts that are generated in our mind by the feeling, experience and by our own personal taste. How can a person who have never tasted a chicken make a statement that it is not good. It is similar to relationship, Imagine a couple who never had sexual mating and now when he says that, She was not good in the bed. How will you interpret the messege. How can a person without a taste will ever say thing is tasteful or not. ?

Without a experience nothing will give you the perfect answer to the event or things. When you do it by yourself, it would never be difficult for you to do the same again. When you do not do it by yourself and make a statement then it is difficult then to understand you and believe in you. The same thing holds true in many of the cases in life too.

One can also develop a practical way of learning or predicting the things but it needs constant motivation on the things you are doing. When you do not know what you are doing or what has been done before in some event or during the course of event then how can you think of predicting the things for future.

It would be nice if some one could predict the things and all the prediction comes absoulutely true. He will be granted a term of magician or God. A person who guess and makes it real in many situation.

To detect if a person is really predicting the things you got to accept the fact that some one can really do it. It is possible. All the things that people do not expect or think that is not possible is soon becoming possible. We are getting close to each other in many ways. Despite the problems in govermental effort or some other drewbacks it is really becoming possible.

One example would be of outsourcing, people doing the business sitting in one geographical areas of the person of another area. All these are possible now which were dream in later days.

Imagine one day you will have a system where when you think about something, it will be there in your house. It will be possible if we really think in such a way. One example would be development of intelligent refrigerator system where refrigerator would ask the food missing from shopping market and it will deduct the bills from your credit card. When you come home from the work, you will see the foods are there in your doorstep. Just pick them up and put in the refrigerator.

An intelligent system should act on its own. We can really develop such system which can easily predict or think on its own but first we got to accept the fact and reality behind such event. The fact is that there are human tendency to commit error, there are human tendency to do mistakes and one can overcome it by just learning and learning more.

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