Living with Sarcoidosis

A disease for which the cause is unknown. It is good that I do not have to blame my gene, or my parents or to anyone around me for the cause of the disease that has in me. Experts suggest that, it could be nothing and it could some time be everything. It will go automatically without needing any treatment or anything and it will some times in some cases remain more than 7-to more years.

What would you say when you have defect in your lungs ? A place where you are responsible for the breathing. Suddenly you have pain and it is hardly so difficult to take a breath easily. It is very difficult most of the times.

Self strong is an act of being strong. It does not matter to me if I live for today or I live for 70 years of my life. Most important thing is live a life. There are people who are living with HIV, there are people who are living a life with so much of pain, strugle, and prespiration. Why not me.?
It is not difficult but it is not easy to them, it would not be easy to me either.

Who want to have a disease and live with the disease every body wants a perfect health, a perfect wife, a perfect home and a perfect lifestyle with space and happiness. Who gets these pefectionism. Who achives it at the end ? Hardly anyone gets it. Even if I am a Prince of some country I would not easily get what I am looking for.

It is good to know that you are also effected in some way or another. It is good that we all are effected if not by disease then by the disease of lust, gain, richness, anger, sadness, anxiety, pressure,and many more.

A medical disease can be or has a cure. It occurs in the human body for some period of time and it goes away after medication or treatment but what about the disease that the world is occupying.A disease that cannot be cured easily or it cannot be cured at all. I am happy that I believe I do not have those disease less and medical disease more.

It is good to explain with the people around you that what you have been suffering with and what you have been going though. People will give you suggestions, advice and comments. It is good that you will find out the fact that you are feeling better once you explain the situation to everyone.

Doctor said that I still have to go through some procedure before to make it confirm wheather or not it really is Sarcoidosis. A disease explored some 100 years ago.A perfect treatment still is not found yet and it is really a subject for research for many medical practinoners. Well, I am ready to become their subject.

The act of living a life is not going to say that I am going to die but going to say that I have lived my life. Lived my life means that you have really done what you have wanted to do and you have really worked yourself into every bits and bytes of life.

Human wishes does not come true and all wishes if will come true, everyone will become rich and famous, King and Queens. Who wishes to be just like me-a simple ordinary human living in simple apartment paying bills every month, dreaming about a good fruitful life, imagining about the promises to make them fulfilled and remembering love of your life all the time.
A wish which becomes reality everyday. A wish of not becoming rich and famous or Kings and Queens but a wish to live a life of with joy and happiness.

Let us see how long I could hang on to it.

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