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Friday relationship

A beautiful warm morning making you feel as if your whole entire days will be filled with warm wishes, good luck and charm of other people smile. A good friday morning with friday itself gives a pleasure and it reminds many people around the world-about last working day.

Friday in many places are celebrated with party in the midnight, many kings and queens celebrate it too. Friday is a good day of the week. the pain I was suffering from the last night seem to heal little bit. It is funny that you are doing lot of things and when lot of things make you pain in your body-you really feel as if you are in difficult situation.

There are many kinds of human, there are many thinking and there are many situations. Those who want to say about what they did and how good they did means they have not put much effort on what they really have done. Those who do not know what they are doing and do not want to talk about what they have done are the ones who have really putting lot of effort to do.

Love is the exact answer for many of the solution in our life. We are looking the best people and in search of best people we are getting no one. We are looking, searching, finding and one fine day we meet the person for our life. We are finding him/her and we are thinking now this person is the most suitable in our life. It is not the way we think. One day that we are caught in the fight with the person and everything else destroys easily.

Love and relationship are different. Once you are in love, you do not think of marrige-marriage is an relationship where as love is love. It is just very childish. I was talking once with a friend and she is very beautiful. I thought she is in love with someone. I thought who would it be ? Is it me ? Sometimes I think she is in love with me but again some times I think it might be some one else. I am always worried what if it is not me ? There is a chance of fear, there is a shyness and there is fear in my heart.

The fear gives me less assurance that what if she does not like me the way I like her. But again it reminds me that I have nothing to loose. I think- 99% that she is in love with me. How can a love be turned into the ever lasting relationship ? Is it easy. No, Is it difficult ? No- The solution is not excatly the answer but the answer is the soulution. I do not know. What if she is in love with me but she gets married with some one else ?

There are thousand other questions that I am eager to ask with her. If we are together what would happen ? What if she is with me in my bed putting her head in my chest-talking, sharing her experiences about how much she cared about me a long long time ago. What is she says- that she loved me from long time ago and I did not knew about that. What if I was a fool running after some one esle and the one who was loving me what some body else ?

It is the beginning, for me-I only think about the sex. Whever I start discussing some issues the very fist thing that comes in my mind is what if I will be with her in the bed and doing sex. What if we talk or chat just after our sex. But again- the sex is not the answer to the love. It is totally different. We many of the times forget that when we want or desire about the sex and once we get it, we just then forget about the person and we just need more. It becomes a habit. A long long habit which we follow and it results into the birth of an offspring. The child is then taken care, the life livied for the togethernes becomes the responsibility the total responsibility of feed the child, to live for child and to do good things to child. The process contiues and the process our child follows the same. It is the process and many people follow the same procedure. Imagine being loved by the girl who is far far from you. She liked you, she loved you then more than you thought, she is with you all the time and she is your dream girl- Don’t you want to live with her ? You can live with her if you want to-only thing you need is your love for her too.

  1. May 23, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    hey nice to read ur blog really good yaar

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