Long long day

A good painful morning startup, just woke up in from the low bed of mine. It was very painful in the legs, thighs, and even the some part of lungs. With all the very pain I woke up thinking today is the day and there are many stuffs to work out for. It is not easy as it looks easy to survive.

First task was to reach the university and do the blood test. These blood test that I have been doing for last couple of weeks is very scary. They put a big syringe in your middle of arm and some times they even say you that, “Your veins are very small, I could not find it”. With the movement of syringe from on place to next they make you feel as if you are really sick.

However, It is for your benefit and it is good to follow the rules when you are benefited. Therefore I started a day with the blood test. Although I was fortunate to eat something, and one peace of boiled eggs it was good. Just after the morning breakfast, it was a time to start the day.

Now I went to University gave a blood test. The result showed it was a bit higher then expected. She gave me good suggestions, and tips on what to do and what not to do. It was asked to take the X-ray test in the center or city center. I do not want to take X-ray test but I have to because it will show my bones and the real picture which will try to explain what is the important.

Then My mind asks me to visit to the center just because I had to renew my visa for the next academic session. I went to the Bank and took the statement that was required for the Visa, finally I went to Police Station where they renew the Visa. The procedure took place and it worked out well.

Finally I had to visit the Posti Office for the training of the work. I went to the Office and started to work out in Training session. It was fun. It was interesting and only hope after all the discussion was to find a bike to find a work. It is not difficult to find a bike to get the work.

Now I am like a man with only bones left. It seems as if I am dieying and soon going to heaven. It really was tiresome. It was very awful, painful and good starter day. The time spent was 8-9 hours in the center. Finally drive in your bicycle to the 5km to your room. Oh, Thanks god that is what you need now, Then nothing stops because that is the place where you have to return just only you are going to sleep in that place.

Some how managed to reach the place and finally prepared a food to eat and now writing these stories of long long day. Isn’t it amazing ? A great startup, how about now a good sleep.

I feel as if I am going to sleep forever, people might feel it is derpession, it is just an anger that a people is showing but the life will not let you tell you what to d oand what not to do. It is always your faith your disicison that makes you the life easier later. It is the way it is.

As if I am not in mood now to write or work out writing some stupid stories which will make not any sense to all the sensual people in the world. Enjoy and have fun in your life too, before it gets too late. Some times the way you predict, or see the future-is exactly the similar what happens. Enjoy and really be cool as Ice in your neck.

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