All the way leads to one way.

Suprise again, Woke up with eyes open. A third world country fellow came to study in one city of Finland. Now, The time has come to extended your permit.The permit reminds you that you are from different place and you have to show the some 6000 Euro Balance in your bank account.

Now they are also planning to change the system. The system now they are looking for the change is that Students selected should paid a tution fee. I think this is not possible. None of the people would like to come to this deadland, I do not recommend anybody to do that if they are going to implement such system. Please for god’s sake do not waste your money and your times. It is better to go somehwere else or some other country rather than coming to this place.

It does not mean that it is bad or good or something, only thing is that your personal benefit. Always ask what you are going to get from what you do. It does not make you selfish, it makes you decide your own destiny.

Today as my eyes were open and my hands, legs and my part of body was moving. I thought to go to the Center of the city. It was very early in the morning I reached to the city center and coming early in the morning today at the center where there were no one, none of the shops were open, sitting in the gallery stand I was doing nothing. I opened my diary and started to write something.

One beautiful lady came and open her gallery of Finnish design infront of me where I am sitting. I was waiting patiently for the the shops to open. Every morning comes with the ray of hope and again evening goes with depression of black darkness.

Sometimes the money we earn are not even useful to us. What would we do when the money we earn does not make any sense in real life. The reality is somehow different then what we percieve or what we think.

Imagine a situation where there is no hatred, not religion, no language, no caste and no creed, no difference and no pain, no sorrow and no guilt. I know it is not easy as it looks but it is easy.

What we see depends upon what we think. I get angry who is getting the benefit ? I am angry makes me feel bad, makes by body to behave somewhat to show the expression of anger. This is what is not good. The world is how we see, how we take and how we feel deep inside.

Understanding a human is very difficult task. Now a days, people write that they can really have good relationship in 1 month, 3 months and some 21 days. This is stupid. It does not work the way those people think or those people belive. First you need to understand yourself, then you should be able to understand his behaviour, attitude, gestures, culture, country, language and many more. It is not easy to understand the human. How can people easily think that it is easy to be in relationship.

Relationship is all about commitment. It is about the effort, it is about the two ways of mutual, soul talk or soul understanding. It is not easy. In search of good partner we may try 100 girls or guys in our life but what would we get at the end of all this. A rotton thing either hanging or rotton thing sticking in our body.

I am in the actually not healthy and I am fit and fine as people are normally but my body is such that I am filling as if I am ill. I do not know what would happen tomorrow but If I die please do not leave me alone. The blog would not be updated anymore, I would not have any good news, or bad news or any stories to tell you. I would not have anything to write. In the process of living and dieying we are trying hard to survive. We want things but things won’t gives us satisfcation. Please start doing the things you like most. Leave the rest to your faith, if it is there it will come and if it was not-it was never yours.

Life is the way we live it, life is the way we share it and happiness is multiplied when shared. Race is divided when discussed, language will create problem when seen in difference, Peace is the end. Please try to know the fact that all our destiny leads us to graveyard, or some are burnt.

The process of reaching the end and making exciting is in all your hand. One example I would like to share was-I was in the center today, I saw a old women, I felt like I should talk with her. I just said Good day in Finnish and she replied with me the same. She stopped walking or going where she was intended to and she asked me if I was fine, I replied yes.

This is what I do, feel like talking-talk, feel like doing sex-do it, feel like smiling without reason-smile, feel like getting angry with yourself-get angry, feel like shouting to someone-shout, feel like sleeping more-sleep, feel like not waking up again to see the beautiful morning-do not wake up.

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