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Higher Studies in Finland

As unexpectedly I woke up early in the morning, I realized that I was breathing and I was alive. I prayed to those who gave me the opportunity to see the entire day. I did all the activites that people do early in the morning.

A good begin is what we need. A good start is what we want and a click in our life can change everything in our life. It is difficult but at the same time it is not diffcult only because it depends on our perspective.

I came in Finland only because the Study here is Free, Imagine tomorrow they keep tution fee in the Universities across Finland. I would not ask my grandmother to come here in finland for studies.

I can write thousand pages about the good things about this country, culture, language and society whatever. But I would tell you that- People here do not like to see more foreigners, they would like to see few but they do not want it more. I do not know in a country where you can hardly find any people, those who survive in this land do not want to same species from the different planet. Some would like to see but I can be rest assure that many of them do not like to.

It is quite acceptable for me if some body says something worng or bad or gives negative comment on the country, culture or language but if I would say the same to the people from Finland, or other part of Europe they are not ready to accept it. Only because they do not want to accept the reality.

It is great opportunity for me and I really appreciate with what they have given me. I would like to make these hurtful statements if they sound like in such sense.
Be ready to accept it. Sometimes I think why when people talk about Europe they think the capital of Europe is United Kingdom. Many of the people from the rest of the world has the same point of view.

These all nations are now united to one Nation called as European Union.It is good that they have one body which regulates and rules them. They have to follow the rules and they are following it good.

We are born-from the moment we are born we start making our choices, our opinion about the world, culture, language and everything around us based on our observation and level of thinking. We think we see, we see we open the doors of our mind. People in many part of these countries are scared to open there door only because they think they might get some ill substances in the form of human to there home land.

When I know where I am going, my destination is very clear. When I am abit scared and wary about it I will go nowhere.

These two lines will take some time for you to think. You may think in thousand different ways but all the ways have same end. Language is good way to start communicating with people. Everybody will appreciate if you can speak the language of their country and their society. But how would you manage if you are trying to learn and could not easily learn the language of their country ? The same point of discussion was carried out once with me and a friend.

Even a dog of your country speaks the language you speak. Only thing is that when some one comes to your country only difficulites for him is to learn your language for some people it is easy. They learn it very easily but for some it is difficult they could not learn it easily. Now what ? Are you going to kill that person ? Are you going to hate that person ? Mostly if you hate that person then you are hating yourself. If you start behaving rude to that person then it is not the person who will suffer its you who are suffering.

Language is great problem in all the country. I do not respect as my friend respect his language, I do not respect as my friend respect his country. I do not respect as my friend respect the land he was born. For me, it is just a land. I respect my mother land too, I respect the language too but I am not nationalistic. I do not have one single point of view on one single nation. I belive all the Nation is same. Take an example of lakes- In Finland there are thousand of lakes.

Some lakes are small, some lakes are big, some are dirty and some are not. All these lakes have one common language, all these lakes have one common theme, all these lakes makes us think that by going into future we are increasigly going small. We are separate and we are not going to be mixed.

All these lakes know that they are soon going to chagne their structure or the way people will see them, not to hide but to make them invisible. Lakes have one common language and one common goal. Thousand lakes are the numbers but Lake is just one.
I do not know how people see it. I see it as One.

I am sorry to those whom I have hurt or I am hurting only because I am bad at learning language. I belive that you can provide me a complete stranger and I would possible be able to communicate with him somehow and I would not need any language.

Todays mind of people have changed and they belive that without language a communication is not possible. My mind is old mind of some old age, which tells me that Communication is also possible without language.

All is well that ends well. Let me thank the country, culture, language and everything that is not here. I thank this place for providing me excellent opportunity to pursue my higher studies. I am very happy they have taken a great step but hopefully they should not implement the process of applying tution fee which will not bring my grandmother from her grave to studies here in Finland.

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