I was born handsome, I will die handsome.

Hot summer day, shining with the bright blue sky and on the top of that the barbecue party at the center of the apartment with smiling and beautiful faces all around. The day was shining as it always does with many of new and exciting faces just showing the signs of joy and madness at the same time.

It was pleasant to be in the group of all men and women. Some of them were ready to go back home in the summer after the completion of there studies in Filand. Many of them were just coming to see off them. I was there to see all those of them.

It was good to be in group of all the handsome men and beautiful women. I was excited too. I said to my friends-“I was born handsome and I will die handsome”. The quote became a joke and it was a funny statement to start my cheerful day.

We took a pictures, we smile, we laugh, we cook and we also eat a lot of healthy delicious and mind boggling food. It was amazing mixture of champigne and Vodka. My nature does not allow me to be so sober in such case. I mixed them both. It was amazing, quanity of alcohol rose upto 72% which when passing though the mouth felt as if i am putting the fire into it.

It might might have helped my cought just because may be it burned it out or something. Anyways, it was exciting and wonderful to see people with hopes of returning and starting from all over again. There were many who were depressed to see there friends going or leaving and there was a stupid guy like me who was sitting in one corner and smiling at seeing people cry.

Some times It takes lot of hard work to become strong and some times you cannot resist it all the along. It is by nature which has given me some power to sustain in most of the difficult situations. I can resist the wind, I can also resist the storm but I cannot resist the love.

The very “I” allows me to think and I am able to think now that “I” is some body who lives inside me who is childish, strong and Natural then the person who sees me by my Name. There are two person but people cannot see the two it is my responsibility to see one as two.

After the awesome Barbecue and good taste of food. It was the time to take a deep rest. Go back to bed and sleep but again how am I suppose to finish the day just like that-then I suddenly decided to see a movie. I saw a fantastic movie called- “Into the wild”. A movie which reminded a lot about the Nature, moment, learning, walking into wild places, listening to your heart and deciding what is most important in life.

A movie which will guide you to forget all the material possessions and just live for the sake of living. A movies which does not ask you to follow the rules but to ask other to follow yours.

The day went good and as it always does. People may live some years before they die, “I live for one day and I die the same day”. It is quite suprise and awkward for many to see the statement like the one I mentioned.

I do not have … years to go or I have spent … years in my life. I am just one day old or some hours old right now just because I woke up 3 hours ago. Therefore It makes me 3 hours old. Now, when I go back to bed in the evening then I am going to my death bed. It is the time I want to take rest from all my sins, all my pleause and all my good, bad, or whatever deeds.

Yesterday my brother who lives in Australia asked me-how come you have so many words in your mind everyday ? How are you able to write some thing everyday.? I write just because It is my passion, I write just because I do not know anything. I write just because I know there are people who read it. I am not worried about the mistakes, like grammatical or construction or whatever but I write just to write.

I will be helpful to those who will suggest me but I am again helpful to those who does not have anything to say too. Everything is art. Everything is creativity. All the women in earth are beautiful, all the religious places are best and awesome. All these places may be called with different name but the messege of all the religous places are the same.

All the women are beautiful only because all the women are same around the world. They might not look same but they are physically similar. They have this two ballons in their chest, a quite complicated structure. It might seem as if it is too easy but it is difficult at the same time.

The sound of raindrops back my windows remind me of my old days when I used to be with one beautiful women together. Now, It is my aloness which reminds me that it is the first lesson of love.

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