Listen to your heart.

Men cannot leave the women but it is always the decision of women to leave the Men. I am not generalizing but many of the times I have seen many women dumping the Men not the opposite way around.

It is the nature of women which is constantly changing and which always want to feel good or happy or depressed at the same time. The unpredictablel nature of the women makes it vulnerale to many men. They could not resist and suddenly they have to break the relationship.

The lasting relationship need load of commitment from the both side. It requires the dedication and hardwork of liking some one. Of giving your entire life for the happyness and good of some one. It also requires that you care, you are worried if your partner is worried and your partner is worried when you are worried.

Some body needs you constantly, how would you know ? Just be with the person, even the person makes you cry- there will be time he will make you happy too. The time you decide you are no longer want to be the person is the time you make a worng move. When it is enough, you think you cannot tolerate but you are not making an intelligent decision by not facing the problems.

The problems you face are just the part of life. One has to face it and try to solve it together because “Together you can”. It is the mutual work, it requires both of you and your partner.

Be yourself, listen to your partner and ask what makes him feel good. You can do one more task by the time you decide that you are no longer want to be with your partner. Just sit and write a note. Write all the good in one column and all the bad your partner has done for you.

If the good exceeds the bad then you are making a worng move. But once you wil see that bad has exceeded the good then you will try to fogive your partner. This process will help you to know more about yourself then the person who likes or loves or cares about you.

Some times by making a decision does not solve the problem and some time by not making solves it. It is just there somewhere flying in the air you got to find it. It is close to you but you could not see it. The place you were born will be the place you will die but that is reality and that won’t change. Only thing you can change in yourself is your habit, you personality, your life, your behaviour, your attitude, your feelings toward other person. You can also change many other things about you if you wish to do it, you will do it.

Relationship are difficult for many people. I find it very easy. I think I am related to everything around me. I am related to the path that take every day to school. I am related to the air that touches me whenever I walk. I am related to all the songs that bird sing. I am related to all those drop of water that fall to make you cool in hot summer months. I am also related to many of the beautiful women who are like angel taking care of me all the time.

It does not matter you being in love or love being with you. Only things matter is how you see yourself in whole situation. How you relate your life in such a context.

Once a strange person saw me and asked me what would happen if I shoot you right now ? I said you will be feel total satisfaction of what you want to do. It does not matter for you me being alive or dead, but It matters to you to kill me and that will give you complete satisfaction.

Do those activities which satisfies you. Remeber to listen your heart and the music that gives pleasure in your soul.

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