Poor English

My English is very poor, teacher said it today. He said that it is unclear, unstructured. Well, In this whole world who is perfect ? I received a big four pages comment from a teacher where I never expected to get. A long 4 pages comments.

Wow, It is good, It is nice that you get loads of critisism and it from the lecturer and it is not very short. I went to see him, asked about what I did wrong in my academic paper. His answer was-It is essay, it is not an academic paper. You should write an academic paper not an essay.

Wow, I really thought and then I finally realize all the hard work that I did for the same. Finally the product that I had in my hand is school essay and not an academic paper. Isn’t it great news. Good work done to me. I tried my level best to get the best possible out of it and I got nothing.

It is good to learn and good if people give you negative or positive comments but some times I believe people cannot see your progress, some times I think people really hate you rather than hating your work. They hate you just because you are not like them. Their were some good points that I have learnt from writing that paper and it is a good motivator for me.

It is good to know that we are not perfect human beings. We are here to learn and we will always learn through entire our life. We will learn only because we do not know anything yet. We will come to know only when people will respect you of being Old.
You mix your tone with the Asian tone and you are not good enough to deliver it. It is the only thing I know. Yes, Sometimes we do and some times every body do. I am not born in England, It is not my mother tounge so what ? What is that I will do ? What is that I got to do then ?

Do I have to get depressed just because I do not have proper English tone or do I have to feel regret that I never was born in England and did not get and English tone. What is the use of it if you can properly communicate and the other person clearly understands what you are saying or what you are giving or receiving from them. What if you are born in England and your mother tounge does not help you to speak a proper English ? What if the person whom you are trying to give the messege do not understand what you are saying ?

Culture has a great impact on the way you are born and the way you do your work or the way people behave. Some times people do not want to see your face and then they will ignore everything-despite the fact that it is good. What if the teacher gives one good comment and gives 99 bad comments ? In such case, students wil get depressed surely but still he/she will be happy thinking that well, atleast Teacher said one good think about my work.

In my scenarios, their were 100 comments and all were negative. Wake up ! I am still sleeping. I have to show to the people like my teacher and to the world that it is not really bad as he thinks it is.

How is the big question ? Well, it won’t take long, time is the valuable thing in this world we have- One day everything will be fine. The days of glory will come along your way too. The days of the past where everything does not go well should completly stop and everything else should come up as the days of rising sun in the early morning blazing the guns in the harbor night.

I do not care about the comments, I do not care about what people have to say only because I know what I am doing is good and I have the confidence to tell people that it is good enough. It is not that I am over confident about the work I did. It is becuase I am just confident and feeling happy, satisfied with the work I carry out. People might think or critisim will always come from every corner in life.

It is the responsibility of you, to take the good ones for you and leave the bad ones. I have made my decisons alredy and I will try to correct the mistakes that was pointed out by great English Teacher. I will try to show that everything is correct by next time. Hope it works. If not then, God will give me another way to do it. He will surely bless me with some alternative. I am hopeful and optimistic about it.

Cheers !

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