Fight against Race

Thank you for the comments in the previous post. It is cleaned it up. I did it. Actually not only I but we did it together.

The reason are many in world.The problems are many in the world. People are not happy with you despite the fact that you are happy with them. The only suggestion they have in their mind about you is suggestions. Only advice, some times those advice are good. Some times those message are good. It helps a lot. Some times those message are unacceptable.

What is the problem with race in this world.? What is the fault of that person who is born in one place and wants to live or work or do something is other’s place. The problem is not with him. The problem is with the people who are not being open. The problem are in their mind, their some part of brain which is not working and will never work forever.

It is not realized until and unless it really needs to be realized.Race, color of skin, place of birth and the country of origin has an great impact in today’s globalism world. People do not accept you with who you are but they want to know more about from where you are.

People want to know about your place of origin, language you speak, your culture and your native place. The most important is if you are not a person from Nordic region, Scandinavian region or UK region or even the person from First world or from USA, it is better for you to die before making any future plans.

Please do not be afraid of killing yourself because you will not be acceptable for whatever reasons anywhere. People are still fighting for race and race will ever long continue the journey of fight. What is the difficulty of accepting a black guy in an white place or society ? What is the reason of accepting any black or brown people in the country of white ? The reason is when a person from that place comes to visit the white territory people of that region get frighten about the competition, people get vulnerable to see the color, people even will not accept with the fact that you are real and you are better than some one who lives in that place.

It is difficult to accept some stranger in your territory only because you do not know the person, you do not trust the person and you do not want to believe the person. The world is changing my dear friends. What if one among that black brown guy will teach you the new way of living your life, living close to nature and living with peace and harmony ever after.

What if you are really tired, depressed in your own life and their is one brown guy who will heal you through his own tricks. What if the man is truthful and trustworthy ? What if- Next reincarnation of GOD even if we do not belive or we do not want to belive resides in his heart.

Jesus was born somewhere in some place but if it is mentioned that every time their would be problem in this world I will take birth and the guy belongs from some third world country. Will you still accept the fact or neglect with the statement that it is nonsense.

These are just assumption. The fight will continue and will continue ever after the life. The fight will continue because the every person is not same in earth. Their are people who easily get motivated from what their leaders asked them to do for and they are ready to be killed.

What if you are in place and you are being fooled by bunch of guys who are whites and you are only brown guy who is present. What if you will think that only once I get the chance to kill of them and kill myself I will do it now.

Terrorist are not born from Mother’s womb. We make them terrorist. We are creating them every now and then. We are the culprits. Their is no one to blame. The way we behave has a great impact on society,people,country are religion also many more things.

We do not even care, do we remember how long have we used the right words and how long we have been using something ridiculous and stupid which has no impact on the other person. It is not acceptable to accept only the good comments. People should have a capabilities to accept the bad comments too.

It is difficult to accept which you do not want to accept or expect. Some times life is just like that-we do not expect but we get it. We expect but despite we expect we never even reach closer to it.

Life is journey unknown. The unknown journey in search of which we will travel, and travel and travel. We will travel only because we want to learn but we will not have enough of what we really desire of. This is called total satisfaction. Every things we do is totaly connected with the satisfaction.The level of it and the search or quest of it.

Race is one big issue which is really needed a big attention in this world to be solved. People will not like to solve it only because we know that we really hate that person who visits our place and become our competitions. What if we think he is just a friends, a messenger, a person like a post man who will deliver a message and then go away.

But why in world we will think like that- We will not think like that only because we do not accept those person easily who do not speak what we speak, who do not know culture aspect of what we respect and who looks stupid by the color of skin which does not makes any sense in our resentful body.

The race is not against only one country or two countries, It exits even between one single countries. The race is the next big issue that people should really think about. Really wipe it out from this world.

Come on people, here is the time to walk, talk, speak and share ideas hand in hand despite separating some one with differences but by mutually realizing in someone yourself.

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