Bless them.

When most of the times you are feeling lonely and alone, when most of times you are not being part of anything, you are with your self- It will seem to many other people that you are lost. You are no anymore. It will be the moment of complete silent. The moment of peace and the moment of vanishment.

The people around you will be curious about you. The people will ask about you, want to know more about you. The more they want to explore about you the more you will show your mysteries to them. The mysteries not is to show, your nature does not automatically will deliver the mysteries but it will be seen to many people that you are kind of mysterious person.

The life is simple-Every body if you watch carefully are in rush. We all want to reach to final destination. May be the project, the work, or even the end of the day, it can also be what we were thinking, we want to get to the destination very soon, very fast. We are in rush. To all those who are in rush-One thing I would suggest, Slow down. I do not mean that you should not work or should not do what you are doing but slow down with your rush, your pace, your speed.

Once I remember I asked one guy to watch his steps. I still remember that. People always want to get everything in life very quickly. May be it could be big house, a good blue color job, nice and beautiful wife, childrens and many more money. Everything that we need and we want to get, everything that we want-will come. It is their but it will need lots of patience and courage to slow down our speed. The speed does not mean that you should not work or you should not do what you are doing. The speed means- Keep it simple. It is upto us to control our daily activities.

Nothing comes ahead of what we think. Whatever we wish, are our just wishes and it will be their somewhere in queue lined up one after another. We make loads of wishes. Even far more than us, girls pray a lot. All our wishes are collected by GOD. He keeps them in his book. He then process all our wishes one by one. Every now and then when we see, we listen, smell, observe and learn we make loads of wishes.

All these wishes are kept according to our own priorities. We wish and we prioritize them. These all wishes are then kept in his book. The GOD decides when, where and how to deliver all our wishes. It is the duty of GOD to do the job for us. He does but he never lets us know that he did the job for us. We humans, think alright. I got what I wanted in my life. All the I, MY makes us egoistic and will create lots of chaos in our life.

We tend to forget that one day we have to visit GOD’s home. We are selfish humans living in earth, thinking most of times about our own life. See how many people are hungry at the time you are eating-Bless them before you start your meal. See how many do not have clothes to wear at the time you are wearing fancy clothes-Bless them before you wear them. See how many people are in stage of diaster, unhappiness, fight, war and total chaos at the time you are doing parties and attending fantastic meeting-Bless them before you start your work.

Have any one even tried in their life of blessin those mentioned above ? I guess very few or none. We never do that. We are lazy. We do not want to change ourselves why should we ? What we do not have ? We have everything that we need. When you have everything you need, you become careless. When you are in the other side doing and needing a help you will see what I am seeing.

Blessed are the peacemakers and blessed will be the peace makers and blessing to all those do well-being for peace.

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