GOD inside us.

New lesson is always their to learn, Visited the church today-felt like I am close to god. People often say that god is repulsive, imaginary and unbelievable sometimes. I do not know.

My answers would be-I think GOD exits in all of us, the way we speak, the way we think, the way we give our opinion, in our emotional, personal, recreational and all other activities. We should not search for him. He resides inside us. He lives inside us. Every breath we take-he gives us that breath. The ounce of breath that we breath is provided by him.

The bread that we get to eat, the food we always taste, the smell that we smell, the beauty that we see, the love that we share-is the GOD gifts to us. He shares everything with us but we never figure out and we think he is invisible, repulsive and make some thought that he do not answer.

It is not about one single religion, one nation, one person-He exits in all religion but in many different form. He exits in each one of us. He offers us whatever we want. He is the best provider and he plans all our future.

He loves us more than we can think of what love is, we are a treasure to him. He is great curator, he cares us, We need not have to delight him, he is always delighting us. He is the one the greatest encourager.

We may some time suffer, We may have million reason for cry but during all those moment he is taking care of us. Nothing will separate his love to us. He resides on us as our father. He is their in silence watching us, teaching us, taking care of us all the time.

He has a big diary for each of us, He knows our future, he also knows what we are going to do next. He is not worrried because he also know we are getting worried to know what next in our life. He will make us feel better every step we take.

He is the greatest of great, he is the simplest of simple and he is the truthful of truth. In him lies every thing that we can even think of. He will show us the path we need to walk, if we fall in the path he will also pick us up and take us to the exciting journey of our life.

Do not ever feel alone-just because you are not part of church, some organization, some religion because by not being the part of those aspects or in such activities you are not being like others but you are being yourself.

If you become yourself-that is the first lesson of love. The aloneness will teach you many different things when you need them. When you are alone do not ever imagine you really are alone. The GOD resides you at the very moment inside you. Every help you need, ask him. He will find some solution for you.

You may loose your all friends, all your family, all your people near you but you will be very close to your self. The self is your spirit. The spirit of GOD. He will tell you, direct you and give you the suggestions. Whatever suggestion that he presents you are the suggestions from the GOD. Those will never change, those are for your benefit, those are for your future. Those are direct gifts from him just for you.

Oh Jesus, Oh Allah, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Oh … , Oh GOD …,

Help those in need, give us the blessing that we can serve those in need. Bless us with the power of love, lessons and whatever it takes to serve others who are dieying at the moment, those who are starving for food, those who do not have place to go and those who are facing complicated problems in their life.

It might not seem good to mix all the GOD, but my religion is no religion. I follow all the religion. I do not hesitate to eat the beef, at the same time I can also fast for one day and visit Hare Krishna temple. At the same time, I can go to Allah, and pray to him. All the people associated with different religion are just a messenger of GOD.

It is not the messenger I pray, I pray the lessons that they presented during their existence in this earth. I pray to those divine and holy message. I pray to those scriptures, those sentence that they create for the well-being of society and in the name of GOD.

Every body comes naked and has to go Naked. It is only when we get into some age we start to wear clothes and do not show our body inside those clothes. It is similar, we all wear the choice of clothes we like, we all pray and follow the religion we like. Because our real “I” knows that after we have to go Naked and we came Naked.

My intepretation might be great matter for discussion. We can always discuss. GOD is the holy spirit inside us who will take us with him to his home oneday after we finish our work in Earth. His home is very beautiful, one of the best place, the word best might be limited to some extent depending on the way of visulalization, I would say it is the perfect place.

Smile, even you feel lonely, even if their is no one around you, even if you are thought as if you are no one just an ordinary guy from some third world country. Smile is the answer. A simple smile will answer most foolish of question people ask you.

A simple smile will tell you that no one is perfect, a simple smile just like a new born child does when he sees his father does. It is so perfect. The simle should be simple like that. Every thing we do, everything we see, everything we want to perform are mind thoughts our mixture with the earthy matters which always tries us to take away from GOD.

By being close to him, one can imagine a life which just might seem magical. When I say that I was returning from the church- I saw one small kid riding a bike, he was moving in very speed in his bike. He crossed just as we bunch of guys were walking or coming from church. Then the guy applied the brakes and I thought in my mind that “Is he not fallen from the bike ?”. I saw the guy at that very moment he was not fallen from the bike-he was still in his bike but just after few seconds he fell, and I smiled by seeing all this event that was happening around me.

No body took care of it. I was surpised to see that. I was thinking is it just a concidence then I thought well-It might be but again I thought Their is never an concidence in our life. Because of our earthy matters we think it is concidence, we find reasons where the reason will just give us excuse. Nothing more.

We all look different, we all have some task in our life to perform, we work every day and night to make our life success, to get good job, get a bungalow, earn good money and make life comfortable. In the process of doing all those events we forget that we should behave just like simple humans. Help others, see if others are smiling or not. Look on their faces, try to find out the reality, try to see, guess and understand what others are feeling at the same time.

It is not the big things that you need to do in order to make some one in need happy, just a simple words. Just a smile, Just a words that do not ever cost anything to you will do the trick.
Welcome to the world where nobody gives damn to what you think, every body is very busy, every body is so busy in their life that they do not have time for even their own kids, even their friends and family.

It is not just bounded by one country, one religion, and one community it is everywhere. The context might be different but the story remains the same. It might be told in different language, and different ways of delivery but the message and impact is the same.

Big question is how to change ?

Change should be brought within ourselves, if we change our country will change, slowly people around us we change and even the religion, sex, cultural aspects everything will change.

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