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Love and Life. (welcome to reality)

It is so difficult to live without you, it is the only thing that seems very difficult in my whole life. Is their anything which people call difficult would ever I took as difficult.

It could be understood that all days are not good days, all days sun is not shining, their is darkness but the darkness ends to bring new joy, glory with light. In search of light to live with you it seems I am dieing.

Why do we some times feel that we could not live without the special some one in our life ?
One could have thousand views, many thoughts- It gets difficult to breath, it is even difficult to spread the message when the person you are close to is far from you. When you remember the person the smell of that person comes with inside you. It is the smell that you want to smell, it is the touch of that person you want to feel, it is the care of that person you want to enjoy. The question itself would not give the solution that I am presenting, it is the feeling. It is the emotion or expression. Do not take it personal- It could be different from many of us.

People do thousand and one thing to escape, we are loosing most of the important relationship only because we are not ready to listen. The relationship does not meant only love, it could be friendship, even, marriages and so on.

We loose the relationship because of our commitment, effort, some times forget to communicate, even some times journey, the distance could make you feel depressed. The greatest journey some times traveled is the distance between the people. In today’s world it is easy. Many people have different approach, their own personal problems, own interpretation of understanding love- My approach is very personal and I never expected in my entire life that would even match to something.

It might be different to many different people but for me it is quite different too. Love is understanding, learning in every second of life. It is a song which every heart reads. It is the song for life.

The music which never stops till the last breath. We all have to visit the other end only by smiling. Smile and cross the life. It is the experience which cannot be described-broken bridge which always needs the improvement.

Why should I worry if my life sucks and I am fool, even I cannot walk with the person I am intended with, I would rather like to learn, understand and get the core message out of it. I will smile even if I am not thinking of smiling only because love is all about smiling.

Life and love is two different things which cannot be even thought of comparison. I have no clue at this moment how to separate these.

Their could be situation when I would tell that- I never tried to betray you but you left me just like that. Without the reasons. Without even saying Good bye ! From that onwards at least I would have got one word which I could have hated entire my life- “Good bye”

But Now, even I could not do that. What was my mistake ? Was it because I was not the one ? Well, if I was not the one it is only because you never tried to find out more on me. I am still happy and I will always be happy. If I would say that I am satisfaction would you come back to me ?

The unstoppable words could be written, I would not stop to write as I have started till the last breath of my life. I will write. Not to prove anything but to prove myself. I will not stop until and unless GOD ask me to stop.

I would never give my heart to somebody who is not interested in it. I would rather get married with 1000 girls in my life but I will not get married with you.
Wife of men are women and they will always remain wife of men. We can talk thousand words on women rights, whatever but women are always women… One of the difficult species to understand only because they make everything themselves very difficult.

Simplicity only comes with the simplicity of seeing the child, the early stages of every baby. Women will never learn from it. Every thing is difficult but it is up to us to make it simple.

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