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In the process of being strong.

Life is full of good and bad suprises. We always have two sides of any coin. We see our life also with the same way or phenomenon. Some times It is good for you and some times it is very unpleasant for you.

Now I am in the situation where I do not have any places to go. I have to take help from my dear friends. It is upto my friends who are going to help me or not going to help me.

No place to live from next month, no home, even cannot afford the room because of expensiveness but if GOD created me then all my wishes and dreams are not only my alone but it is his too.

He has to take care of my problems, my dreams and my wishes now.Let me see what happens. I have to sort it out- I will ask help from my dear friends. This is a simple version of my life today. I do not want to elaborate and put more because it will too emotional and If one day I am going to read this-it will me myself, weep.

In the process of being strong-One is being really strong. It happens and these are problems which a people face, why should one go far from the problems. It is good to face the problems and see the consequences from the problem.

Escaping from the problems are done by cowards. Who just try to escape and do not face the problems. We are face problems and we all try to go through it-which is good.

Once if I remember, me and my friends were sitting in balcony of the kitchen and he said that-“Nothing comes easy”. As the nature itself is very tough, it teaches all of people and organisim related to it-the same lesson but in different ways.

Sometimes friendship could not measured, some times it is difficult to understand and sometimes it is not good for health. Some body once said that-friends in need are friends in deed. Now a days, who is doing or following the theme. We are becomeing selfish every day, it is increaing in our blood. We do not want to help others or see others only because why should we care about others ? When such an attitude comes in your mind, you think you are being strong and you are doing good but you are not doing good only because you are not helping other human.

Death is certain, it will come but we do not remember when it will come or we cannot say anything about it. After death, some people will remember you. some will forget you and some will even die for you. The person who really cares about those who have been dead are those very close to you.

Those person will not cry for whay you were and what you did but they will also take the lessons that you presented in your journey of life. We should therefore become such peroson or atleast try to beome one among them.

All these are words and words to not value as long as feelings. Feelings are important. It is because of feelings that you fall for other person. It is about the emotional touch that a mother has with a son-she loves him even he becomes a gangster or criminal.

It is because of feeling of your love that she will wait in lonliness of 25 years just in a hope of seeing you one day back. “True love always waits”.

Well the story will always continue as long as the write of the story is alive. Thank you for reading it today. Have a good day 🙂

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