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I do not know.

Mind is the best to judge, it is the central part of our body which makes important decisions. Imagine a situation where you are not able to make any sorts of decisions. What would you do ? Either you have to be believe others or you have to be retarded.

Without mind their is no decision making body, every activities we do- Such as daily activities from cooking to cleaning to bathing to washing and all sorts of activity, whether I take a taxi or should I walk ?, weather I eat pizza or I eat nothing ? weather I stay with this girl or should I stay with some body else ?

Every decision is important and every decision should be handled with proper care. When we make decision it is not only best decisions we make for our body, it can be bad decision it can also be worng decision and it can also be very good decision.

Whatever decision it is, the best decision always matters. It matters only because it is beneficial to you. It is good for your self. It is worthily to you and yours who are attached with you.

It is not easy when it is most of the times easy. It is not difficult when it seems very difficult. I do not know know is the best answers many people have in this world. Why ? Simply because it give us escape.

When a person says- I do not know, you are out of the context. It simply means you really do not know and even if you know you do not care. The context of “I do not know” in simple English terms mean the person do not know what he is trying to say or willing to say.

It is just an excuse or escape or going far from the facing the problems. Sometimes, it is good but many of the times it is not. Well, if you really do not know what particular things or particular activities means then it is absolutely correct but when you know something but do not want to explore beyond or do not want to elaborate your knowledge of wise dome then it is better to say-I do not know.

I have seen many people in using the term, I have used many of the times myself-Now I think this term is appropriate but not inconvenient or should not be used most often.

Let us explore, why should we go far from the problem rather than face the problem or situation. If you really do not know then why not use the learning tools to find out about it immediately. You will know.

It happens in such a way that we speak a statement on some subject matter saying- “I do not know” Slowly our statement become more and more, it grows many of the times with all the different subject and situation. When we start to get old we forget what we know and what we do not know. It almost becomes “I do not know”.

The memory vanishes, all the events, all the learnings, all the phenomenon, situations, solutions whatever we did we will slowly start to forget and we will become like a child who again wants to know about the world.

To search, to find out, to research and to reveal what we do not know, what others around us do not know and what our children and grandchildren will not know we have to learn to change-“I do not know to I know but I have to see” or I know to some extent but I am not remembering or I do not know but I want to know”

These are not the solutions but these are exploration, these are knowing about yourself, these statements one person do not have to speak or say but speak to yourself and ask. you wil find out the answers.

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