I am a fool

People are playing game, people are playing politics and people are trying to violate other peoples on behalf of minor benefits. Their are people in my life who are close to me but are doing something stupid or I assume they are doing stupid which I can understand better now.

They can talk big, they can twist and turn your mind the way you think the way you decide on some aspects or on some global manners because they they think whatever they are doing is absolutely correct and only correct.

Hiding information is the information they know, playing some games which they do not even know how to play it. It is not good to violate one among others. They can even bite you but you will not feel the pain. They are living is osmosis. The process where they don’t know either they are doing right or doing wrong. They are absolutely great people.

To know about the person it does not take long, it will never take long and it has never took so long for me. From the moment I have felt about some person I can tell you what his/her point of view are what he is thinking and what he will do for you. It is the process of learning the people. I do not have any problems with anyone if every one do not have problems with me.

The people whom you belive are the best ones are the people who are very close to you but they are doing worst for you. I know it might not be true to every one however it is true to some extent to every one.

Girls are the difficult to understand as they are too complicated to deal with. Boys are always easy to predict because they know what they want. Clear and Simple. When you do not know what is your objective how can you deal with the other person.

It is easier to make fools to other person if you are have a group of at least two people and you know the person whom you are going to make fool.

Last day, or Yesterday One of the friend gave a barbecue party in the corridor of the rooms. It was nice because their were different faces that we never saw, their were nice and good people together chatting, laughing enjoying food and doing what ever that can lead them to the happy moments.

We all were invited thanks to him for his generosity. I was just like I am therefore after coming from the University I straight away took his beer and went for the participation. Later after some 1hr some of the people came they were Nepalis. A good brilliant guys from Nepal who are called as friends. As I don’t know what is the nature of others Nepali guy but My nature is shy so I was enjoying the beer that I took from Teemu.

The guys started to talk something strange and I was interested to know what is that. When I asked a question I got a very sound reply which made me think that those guys do not know me at all.

It was amazing experience wow, they laughed at me and I was left spell bound. I thought well that is how we call friends in Nepal. May be it is because of my own caste, my nature of unfriendliness which resulted in being stupid.

It is easy to make some one fool. Imagine yourself in such situation. I am not angry or frustrated or depressed with that situation but certainly I learn one good lesson. It is easier to make people fool.

I am happy for what happened because I have seen the consequences and the results. I am happy to learn a lesson because I am always left alone. One can talk 1 hr about being open or how should a person should be open to each other and at the same time that same person does not come out of his room to see others.

It is easy. You have to open the door of your room and take some steps to reach others room. In your mind just set a program that you have to go to the person room. If you are not dead in the middle you will reach to that person house.

It is easy. It is simple straight away if you got some problem start to talk and clear it. I do it. I don’t know the people around me do not feel doing it only because they think I am unfriendly.

It is funny too for me. I smile when I go through such situation. I am not open they say as you can read inside and outside of me and compare. I am stupid they can say. I am crazy people can say but one thing is for sure. I do not care.

If I see 7 grains and I tell that one of the grains is bad do not eat to others around me, they will believe in and they will eat only 6. But how can you judge the grain which was bad was really bad ?. Do you really trust the person who asked you to trust him/her ?

For this reason, you got to taste yourself. Taste it yourself and see if the grain was really bad. One has to experience itself before knowing or judging others. Their are thousand of other things that I would like to share but It will just give an impression that I am just complain about someone.

Their were other many things to learn from the party but which I would like to put into one single statements- “wo+men are two words faster than men”.

Good weekend !

  1. April 25, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    Sometimes we see ourself different way than others see us. What is important is to know yourself, be what you are and try to do the right thing.

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