Some Blah Blah

A very good bright and sunny saturday morning with brightness and light all the way which brings smile to every one’s face. It creates a joyous environment to people and the people around such that every body believes that life is to life fully, without any tension, sorrow and unpleasant moments.

Imagine being alone for 100 years. Without some one, without your love, without the sense of girl or scente of women you are alone. Every body is with their life, their partner living like they would live but when you are alone you are with yourself. You do not need anybody. It is you and your love for yourself.

The beauty of life lies not in death but it lies in the way you live a life. You should enjoy the moment do not try to enjoy the end. It does not matter the way you do your work only thing that matters is the way you do it.

The destination is the end. The destiny is findings, search for the end. When we search for the end we should concentrate first on the path we are taking. Concentrate on the path not the destination.

Like the oceans in the sky, like the clouds seen in the river and like the twins who seem very alike. We too are alike. We need to find out the real meaning about it.
Depression is not the answer for being depressed. The cause results it. The cause of any kind of depression is only because of the problem and unpleasant tackling with the problems. Let us see what would be suitable for each of us.

Like the Yesterday’s picture which carries all the countries we are divided into two different parts but one thing is clear. Either we are male of female we are the same from the back.

See the person from the back side we all have common thing, similarly we are same from one corner of our mind, our life, our culture to others. We need to find it for ourselves.

People are now a days not in mood to find out the reality for it only because we are lacking the culture and the destiny we are lacking the path that creates the destiny we do not lknow aht is goin on in our mind but we are just dong it for the sake of doing it. We do not know aht we are doing, because we know that wqe are unknown. Wehn we are unknow about rhe thingsthat we are doing then how can we know aht we are doing ? We are living and we do not know what is sole purpose fo living.

Sometimes it piss me off, when we trie to find otu the rality behind the real, the virtuality behind the virtual and the nature behind the nature of nature itself. It is difficult but to se edxtent only. It might look absurb but it is not.

The blah and blah stories ends here. We will rather talk something intereresting later. Have ag odo weekend and do the rest what you ewant to do in your life with all the things that you feel doing, doing is now and you should do it now.

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