Divided world

The divided world, world is such a divided place where everything seems to be separated by one form to another. Eveything around the world is split into some phase or some parts.

As you can see in the diagram the ass here is divided into parts. The first part is in one side and the next part is in another side. These parts cannot be plane only because you need to have a hole in the middle part.

We live in divided world with great lot of differences, we have difference in culture, religion, castes, values, ethics and many more. We have difference only because we like to live in difference.

We are the humans we would like to share and meet together. We want to show people that we are great, we are far better than you are. In showing our acheivements, in showing our values and in showing what we are good at; we also loose what we have.

It is difficult to invite a complete stranger into your house until and unless it is in the party where you find a good beautiful lady or guy and want to make out with him/her.

Take an example of one person who is from one side of the picture and to reach to another side of diagram he has to cross through these big mountains, he needs first to go deep inside the one side or dig himself and then the has to climb to next side of diagram. The process of falling into or going deep and the proces of climbing are two different things which needs to be handled.

Two things cannot be done simultaneously- I mean the climbing and falling deep. One has to finish one to do the next and so on. If you forget to do one you will forget to do another. If some person from one side of country visits to another country then how will you treat him/her.

Obviously, it will depend upon the country he his visiting, their culture, their values, their ethics and their own way of seeing at strangers or the people from other part of world. If you see that person as a messenger than it means the person can be beneficial to you. If you see that person as complete stranger than you will have worng opinion set in your brain about that person which will never change.

We have racisim, but why ? We have it only beacuse we do not like to see some one or complete stranger entering in your country and doing the things you cannot do. We do not want it to happen, only because we lack the knowledge the person has. Once we see the other person as a messenger and want to learn from him/her and he too wants to learn from the country he is visiting than it will be perfect- No fight with the race.

Why don’t we like a person who is black and the person who is white in black land. We do it only because we do not like to happen some kind of sudden change in our home land. We are selfish, we want our country to be ruled by our man, Even Creator is selfish, he created the world to see the people, to test them and people are testing each other.

The fight with the race will continue, no one can be said that person is right and that person opinion is worng. It continues and will continue only because we all know that we live in divided world and some how some where in our brain it is written that we do not want to change the society we are living in. I would suggest “Be open”. What is that you were born with, what is that you think you will take.

You are born empty and we will die empty hands. We were born naked and we will go naked. Nothing we brought when we came here in our existence and nothing we are going to take with us. Let us be nothing by beliving in our values, our messege, our messeges that were taught in our Holy book, with the messeges of others too and with the messege of our heart some way in some manner.

The story will continue…

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