Journey of love

We can travel around the world searching for the right person in our life. What would I say that Some times the greatest journey is the distance between people. It is very difficult to find the right person in your life. You may think Miss Y is the best but at the same time you will meet some body with other good qualities that you will again re-think your mind stating Miss YY is good for me.

The choices we make, the decision we take are not always right in our life. We do mistakes and it is good practice to learn from those mistakes. The beauty of love, the kiss, caring and touch of other person gives you the feeling in your life that weather that person is suitable for you or not.

Women will always not find out that who is the right person for their own life because many of the times they are confused with themselves. She is in constant search of good person in her life. The ideal person for a women would be who cares her, kiss her, loves her, stands by her, gossips with her, gives her surprises,does many different things to impress her, makes her laugh, makes her cry and most importantly loves her more than himself.

Some times What I believe is that many of the relationship does not work out only because we love more than we love other person. The love of self is more than the love of person who is your soul mate.How many of us believe in love at first sight.? Love at first sight can happen only if you both are soul mates. The greatest difficulty is not in being in love but retaining the love. The greatest fear is not loosing your love but maintaining and giving the love.

My own personal experiences teaches me thousands of lesson that some times I get confused with the term itself. Their are many people who are in love, who are in committed relationship but due to some reasons-financial, economical, material and many such problems somehow could not be with the love. To all those I would like to say that greatest fear in their heart and mind is loosing the love, I would like to tell them that do not fear, expect and fall in trap of believing your love is good or bad.

Love cannot be judged with our feelings, love cannot be calculated by mathematics, even Einstein could not calculate it, It is your fulfillment, your commitment, and your dedication to maintain the love.Love do not remain for long only for you, you got to maintain it for yourself.

Many of the times we love ourselves than the person whom we say-“I love you”. It is true. The reason behind this phenomenon is called love for individuality or self love. Which shows that we kill the things we love. When such thing happens why do we blame that our relationship didn’t work out?

Be prepared for the journey of love of your soul mate, the love for your country, the love of your society and the love of your mother do not try to find any difference in them because all is fair when love is taken as love.

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