Happy New Year 2065

Happy New Year 2065. We are humans from future. Many people in the world can learn a good lesson from us. HOw ? We can teach people how one can be very close to Nature and learn a lesson from the its environment and surroundings.

Nepal is soon going to write consitutency assembly which is vital for whole country. I would like to say that- Indians we are no longer, Chinese we do not want to become so Let us be true Nepali.

People generally kill the the things they love most. We like something so much that we cannot live without it but generally we do kill those things. It is easy. It is easy to kill the things that you love. We should kill the old political rule, autocratic rule of King and we all know the fact that Nepal was only Hindu Kingdom in the world but we kill that, Now we are secular kingdom.

That was just an simple example. Happy New Year 2065 to all the people in the country, May GOD gives you what you all people desire, want and deserve in life, in society and in country.

One thing we Nepali lack is we need to think beyond we can think. We should not be limited to our thinking. We like our friends, we like to gossip, do chit-chat, have fun with friends, drink, dope, smoke but are we doing any thing except just following the stupid trend ?

Why is it difficult for us to change ? It is very easy.If every Nepali citizen belives in “doing” Our country will surely become “developed”. We like the way we are. We are lazy, we do not want to work, we do not want to fight and to some extent it is good not to do anything however it is only good when your brain really needs such moments. It is not good when you make such acitivites as your hobbie.

Playing politics is good but let us leave it to our leaders, we should not play politics among ourselves. It is not good practice. Their are people who do not want to accept the fact, do not want to liste, the biggest problem those people will face is that they will not be able to give. Which means that, It will be easy for them to fake.

People always wants to show off. When I was 15-16 years of age I too was going through the same phase. I liked to show to people that I am the best, Whatever I do are good and whatever I say is correct, whatever others are saying is not correct-I do not want to take what they are saying to me. When you will not accept what others are saying to you or some how you will listen for a moment and you will try to avoid it afterwards then you are being a victim of yourself.

Do not try to destroy yourself, do not be some body else. Just be yourself. Do what you like to do, talk with those whom you like to talk, whereas one thing you have to remember is that-Listen.

Learn from what others have to say. Always remember that we are following the path which has beeen already followed by some one else. The name of those who already have followed the path before might be different, their body, religion, caste, culture might be different but they already have achieved what we are trying to achieve.

Therefore Just don’t try to be imitator. If you see Buddha in the street Kill him. Only because “do not try to become Buddha”. Try to be yourself.

Nepal is my birthplace where I was born, the land which gave me my space to be what I am now. I like that land. Every body does. Only thing I am trying to say is that do not just focus on your own land. Respect others people land too. Every country is unique, every person is unique and every religion is unique. We do have to respect each other only then we will end war.

My opinions might seem stupid, might be absurd, might be useless but these are my own thoughts and I do not want to blame anybody for that. If you do not like it, do not read it if you like it read it. We all have freedom of speech, space, silence, whatso ever.

This new year let us change ourselves, our mind, the way we think and the way we behave. Let us be true Nepali only by beliving in “doing”.

(Picture taken from: http://www.d-travel.com/
images/Nepal-01.jpg )

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