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Life without you.

Women are powerful, women are creative and women are most beautiful animal GOD has ever made. They are much more stronger than all we men. Men may have the powerful muscles but women has powerful brains. They are naturally strong because of what they have to go through every month.

Why are women most beautiful than men ? Their may be thousand of reasons behind that- It may be because of the structure they have which is quite different than all men. It may be because they are universal receivers. It may be because they have thousand of capabilities to take things for granted.

When it comes to relationship, it is different. As the relationship needs the combination of two people it needs the commitment of both girl and boy. We are in the world where two are quite different in the way they think, in the way they talk and in the way they live their life.

Women knows the reality despite that also she won’t forget to do makeups, she knows that one day all her make up is going to be useless but instead of that she wont’ forget to put it on. My personal experiences says I have seen many women wearing makeup even in her late 70’s. What might be the reason behind that ?

Is it because they still believe they are attractive ? Is it because they think they should all the time put it ? Is it because they are given impression that they are beautiful animal in the world. Whatever might be the reason one reason is common to attract men.

Selection is big process for them, they will go out date with those guys who they like, they will make love with those guys who they wish to and they will break up with those guys who they don’t want to stay with. In the process of relationship, it is mainly their decision that counts. It is the decision of women that matters and sometimes even hurts.

Women always wants to show off, but it can be limited. It is not true with all women. Mostly they would like to show to other women how much beautiful they are, how good men they are playing with and how their life is better than any other women. Therefore some body rightly made an statement that “All women like famous men”.

To sum up, as summing up cannot be determined in case of women- I would say that women are beautiful, you must go out with her, make love with her , try to show that you like her or love her or do whatever she asks from you in spite of all these you will have to know one fact that you are still alone and she is never going to die for you.

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