Bring Change

The times are changing, weather are changing too, people are changing too and every one around us are seeking change. We all are fed up, we are slowly becoming bored and if not we will soon become bore.

The main idea is that their is no idea. The good thing is that their is no bad things and the answer to the question is that their is no answer. We want to change our mind, our body, our values, and many more things.

Why are we seeking change ? What is the reason that we like changes ? Reason could be many, we could even want to show people that we are good, we have talent and it some times is good to see the changes in all these aspects, or events or whatever you will like to call it.

The main reason behind change is that the word itself is very dramatic and different. We are fed up of the whole world only because we could not see many different things happening around us except terrorism, war and fight for the war. Nothing is more good than just these things.

It takes some time for the change only because we like the changes and we like surprises. Why do they always teach you in Romanticism class to be only romantic to girls by giving women surprises ? What is the reason behind it ?

It is mostly because women are the species who likes money, famous men and change a lot. They are always two steps ahead of men.
Change is good, Yes we can bring changes not only within ourselves but to the country, people around us and to every other individual who are connected to us some how. The big question now remains is how ? We can only bring change only by bring change in ourselves.

We are the creator of the climate, we are the creator of our sufferings and we are the creator of our daily mood. We do all these but we do not know or some how do not want to know who does all these things.

My opinion tells me that we are the creator no body else. Just exclude the religion from this article. I do not want to consider it here. We are the creators of the change and we can really bring the change in ourselves. How ? Just be yourself.

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