Human Behaviour

People are so strange and it is very difficult to understand other people. Why should we even care ? When it is needed it is again difficult to understand other around you. Their are many kinds of person and they have many indifferent behavior’s.

We can take an example of one person who is very outgoing, friendly, wants to help others and always gives support, help to others and their is another totally opposite of the person I described. People like those who are outgoing, friendly and the first one kind of person but again their are those kind of people too who like later one.

It is proved that based on our thoughts, our feeling and our emotion we make our group and we want to share with them.It might be true to some extent. I do not know much about it. Playing a politics with other people is very easy.

One should always remember that when you play politics with other people or your friend for an example you may even fall in trap of being a victim some time around. It is just the matter of time. In the age of information where every individual wants to share the information or at least is happy sharing info to other around him, how would you feel if your close friends are not telling you the reality?

We can make loud cries and have thousand big thoughts on various topics that we like to such as politics, education, research but one should first realize its importance. People who cannot some how see the success of others are the ones who are full with ego hassles. The problem is not with their thinking but the level of thinking they posses.

Those people are not silent but they would not even tell you what they are doing with others around you. Being alone is not being loneliness or feeling loneliness, Being alone is the first lesson of love.

I can say thousand things on thousand different matters but why would i say if some one does not have any interest to listen it and if it is not beneficial to some one. We have to do good to those who does good to you.

Remember in live, we learn by knowing people by your own country men, by your friends, by observing the things they do around you, by observing any other people around you and by experiencing through events they create.

Learning is the best way to know what you are currently doing. It is an art, an act which is indescribable. It may have theory but it is not concept.

Their are times when you are depressed, feeling that you have not made right choice and thinking that you should pack your stuffs and return these all times tell us one thing- You are fighting.

When you fight with your-self you will know that you are becoming strong and when you will realize you are in process of becoming strong you will become alone, lonely and silent. Welcome to the land of thousand lakes just for the sake of experiencing it.

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