In the name of Religion

In the name of religion, people are killing each other. We are easily motivated and get angry when some one says something in the name of our religion. We are like parrot in the sense that one person ask us to do something and we do it on behalf of him.

Let us not be parrot and be the real human being. We should behave properly and accept the message of all the religion. All the religions are different and they are worship in different ways. We belong to one community one society and follow what is done for the well-being of society and community.

The end result of the message of all the religion is “TRUTH”, “PEACE”, and “FOR THE WELL-BEING OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY”. These are the core message of all the religion however they are worshiped and whatever they mean to others.

We all like to share about our own religion, we like to talk more about ours than others only because we know ours and we lack the knowledge of others. Even if we know little about other religion we do not want to talk about other religion only ours.

My country, my world, my religion, my life and my .. are all nonsense and useless. It is useful for some period of time. After that, it will be useless. We all are running in the race of what I call “my”… People hardly find time to go for “ours” Can any one or do you remember any one saying our world, our country, our religion, our life .. No it is difficult to say Ours..

A simple stupid word about the religion will create a havoc in the environment, people will forget who they are and what they are doing. They will start behaving like a wild beast. Soon you will see the fight, war and anger shown to another human just in the name of religion. It is easy. It is easy to create a problems when one can talk about the religion.

Presently their has been a lot of debate about Muslim religion and Christianity. I do not know who did it but whoever has created the difference that difference is dividing the world or let us say creating war and disputes in the mind, body, place, region and in many other places where we would not imagine it will be present.

We want to fight, Those people said something wrong about our great “Allah !” We will kill them, we are Terrorist ….” These are all the words now a days any Muslim will take it for granted. It is easy to fall in the trap without knowing that you are being controlled by some one else.

Another Person for Christianity would say-that black brown guy talked something stupid about Jesus ! Oh God, what the hell he knows about our religion.. these people ain’t know anything about our religion ….”

These themes are common to start the fight between a person from Christianity and the person for Muslim community. Have you ever realized that After the end of war their is peace, their is deep silence and nothing is present except sorrow, guilt and depression of doing unhealthy act.

Their are bigger things to worry my dear religious friends, do not fall into trap of yourself by following or being a victim or religion just be yourself. Remember that you are human first, next you are “son, daughter, nephew or what so ever for your family” and then you are country men.. your country .. your culture… your religion comes in this order. If you will prioritize the religion before you are human and if you think my religion is my life.. then you are the victim of controlled.

Do not ever be controlled by some one else always control your mind, brain and body by yourself. Please do it you will realize then the power you can have or will give to this world. The bigger problems in the world are from Nature. Imagine the situation nature can create to you and to us.

Let us help each other to help your life, your country, your religion, your world. Let us get hand in hand to deliver the food for needy, job for jobless and smile to smile less. Let us just do it.

  1. April 6, 2008 at 11:01 pm

    Very well said! I like your ideas and I agree! 🙂

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