Thanks god I am alive. I wake up thinking that I will be dead but suddenly I realized that I am alive, started to look at the weather outside my door it was cold, dark and raining.

How do you feel when some one speaks bad word about you ? Surely, you will not feel good but what will happen if you just do not care about what others have to say. Just be yourself.

It is the way of living a life, be yourself, by yourself be cool and calm. The movie I was yesterday was “why did i get married?” The lesson of movies is such that their are 4 couples and all these couples have problem in their marriage.

Each and every one wants to save the relaitonship. The relationship is really difficult thing to save. One thing that is catchy to the movie is about 80/20 rule. The rule I guess which has been explained nicely.

When we are married our life suddenly starts boring only because we are fed up seeing the same face time and again. The same wife each and every time with the same stuff or the same body.

Even though, she does laundry, prepares food, washes dishes and many others little things that we could not do without a women. What happens is some how other girls come in the husband’s life and we like the other girl. These girls are “20”. The wife is “80”.

These character in the movie they have problems with their marriage but suddenly they found out one way of making it work out again just by putting everything their spouse has done in one single paper, All the negative things that your spouse has done in one side of paper and all the positive thing that your spouse has done in other side of it.

When the negative things come up more than positive things just let it go but when positive things are more than negative you will then realize what is needed to be done.

The movies is good and you should watch it once. Next movie I watched was about “After sex”. This movie is very short and simple. It is all about how you feel after just mating with your partner.

The movie explains by saying that love is like a guessing game where you guess each and every time and no one is in the win-lose situation. You are every time guessing and you just guess each and every time.

Sex is the situation where both male and female are open to each other, open to show share the feelings together. In this situation both the partner are in situation where they win. It is guessing game where their is an end but love is the guessing game where their is no end.

Both movies where fantastic, It was good to get some lesson from the movie. Have a good weekend to dearest Readers.

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