Why are we addicted ? What is the reason that we do the same thing time and again? Many people cannot quit alcohol, smoking habit, cigar habit and so on. Why do we take the alcohol and just keep on taking it too much.

We are addicted not only to alcohol but to many of the things that we do not know. We are addicted to sleeping, we are addicted to food, we are addicted to money and we are also addicted to sex.

Can any one tell me who is not interested in doing sex ?. you cannot find any one. We like to do the same thing time and again only because the end result what we think is pleasure. The end is that which gives us pleasure.

Some times we often get addicted to cigarette, it is just a habit we get into. The habit is something which is just an repetition of same thing time and again. We repeat, repeat and repeat.

Why some one smokes ? It differers from person to person, the opinion are countless. People might say-its my habit, its my nature, i cannot live without it, it digest my food, it look cool, my idol smoke too so i do, to remove my tension, to get pleasure, to enjoy, nothing, just like that, entertainment, so on and so forth.

These all are excuses, we are just giving some king of excuse to escape from the things that we cannot do. The thing that we cannot do is we cannot control our mind.

No body on earth or hardly anyone in this planet will find it easy to give up smoking, or drinking or what so ever they are addicted to. Why ? Only because they cannot control their mind.

You do what your mind ask you to do. You are just a car and the driver is some one else. Driver is your brain. It drives you to the place you want to go. It is controlling you. Try to control the driver. Be the Boss of your mind not the Mind who boss you.

Last night I was having the conversation with my friend and we has written the same topic about why people are addicted and what can we do to find the alternatives of alcohol. My suggestions are mentioned above to all those who are victim of the alcohol. I am just supporting my friends point of view.

Finally, I would like to say that- Ask me how to control your mind I will give you thousand and one way to achieve it. Ask me, as It is free of cost. I am not doctor, no psychologist, no professional on this subject but I am the one who controls his mind.

(Picture adapted from:
news/articles/2006/photos/smoking.jpg )

  1. April 3, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    We are addicted to something because we are too weak to resist it. If one is strong enough there are no addictions.

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