Accepting some one’s work and rejecting some one’s work is a process of understanding how much some one is worked.
I have seen many of the people feel very depressed when people do not like or appreciate the work of them. Why do we feel depressed or feel bad about the work when the work is not accepted. We feel bad only because we do not know how to feel good. We feel bad because we are not given the acceptance. We have not been motivated to next level.

Motivation is the key in any work we do. The level of motivation determines how much effort we have put or is going to put in any work.We may make big strategies, policies and rules but all those are wasted when a person does not feel motivated.

It is like saying that, you do you do and at last you forget what to do. Now, see the connection you are working so hard to do that you do not know what is going to come next. you are connected and deeply motivated for what you are doing.

I appreciate to all those Readers who put an effort to read what I have written. I am proud and honored by such an honorable Readers of Mybheja. I do not like my attidue because I do not check grammatical mistakes, I do not check what I have written ten times but I just go with the flow. I recommend my beloved readers to encourage me for the Next level.

Life is the journey and we are actors in the playing field. We are players, We are just playing with the script presented to us.

We should love each other, hate each other at the same time learn from each other. We like each other only because the “like” is close to us. We “dislike” others only because we do not “want” some one to be part of us.

One needs deep motivation to perform something. The deep motivation can be for example get good grades in exam, good job, good salary, performace, attitude, fighting spirit, excitment etc.

Other kind of motivation which is important is the motivation that is built inside you. Which is yours, which is hidden and you do not want to reveal it to any body. Such kind of motivation will make you the person you want to become.

Good luck !

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dmfalmeida/blog/Motivation_stairs.jpg )

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