We are ahead !

Welcome to one of the must visit country in the world. It is the beauty of Nature, creation of creator to show his creation itself. It is one of the places in earth where one should at least once visit or should have a dream to visit. It is called as “world of its own”. The desire and destination of men can be different and journey is the most precious aspect which leads you to either of them. Today In west, people are trying to find some alternative to fuels, we have already started our campaign long back. We are ahead in future not because we lack oil or we have to battle to gain it. It is because we are saving energy. Imagine a situation where you have to stay eight hours without electricity. Imagine it now for your city for example New York City or Los Angles or California. Well, the imagination does not seem to be imaginative and it really seems stupid but if such think happens what will be your alternatives? We are far behind in global economy, we are regarded as third world, we come from place where people have no money to buy food but they will have smile to show you that we are happiest people in the planet. According to global happy index we are quite ahead in this context. Stop; do not go away we also are ahead in time. The yet new year for our country is around the corner. We are reaching to 2065 B.S. Comparatively we are quite far away living in third world at least in dates. Beauty lies in eyes of beholder. You have to come and visit country full of beauty to believe your eyes and ears that Nepal is happy country in Global World. We do not have Nuclear weapons, we do not have mind blowing economy, infrastructure and capital incomes but one thing we have- Peace. The country is progressing with its own political assembly poles and the leaders are leading it for the well being of country and society. Every country would have version of “this is mine, not yours”. Our history always reminds us that we are from the land of “Buddha, and Highest peak in world called Mount Everest”. We also are from the land of those brave “Veterans, Ghorkhali who fight not only for their own home land but still doing military services in many Western worlds. It will also be noted that we are different as each country is different. See the flags of all the countries you will surely see why you must come to visit country of rich Natural resources. We have never been ruled nor will be ruled despite being in between two giants in South Asia, India and China. We are separating two giants Nation in not only in South Asia but soon emerging to become super power countries. Nature is one of finest aspect and has huge potential for coming generation of scientist, economist, researchers and entire human beings to look forward to in coming years. We are not quite well prepared for it; it will be too late when we would realize that we have been affected by its Unexpected Nature. We are ahead in learning from Nature only because we are very close to it. Imagine a situation where you do not have to in contact with any one for week and you have been given your personal privacy, security and respect as if you are GOD. In Bible it is said that, “It took six days for GOD to make this planet and seventh day he rested”. If I would be given an opportunity to ask a question I would ask where GOD did went on the seventh day. The answer is question itself, he took rest but where? Nepal. Visit and see with your own eyes. It is the New Year celebration happening in one corner of globe where all other corners are having busy working life. Welcome to visit Nepal for its cultural heritage, future technology which is the “Power of Green” as said by Thomas Friedman.

America is preparing for the alternatives to find the solution from environment; we are finding how we can get more close to it. The world is yours only when you think world as one single entity. We have more than 200 countries divided according to power of religion, politics, economy and global infrastructure so on and so forth however, we forget that we are humans with one the one common dimension, color (may be different because of adaptation according to environment) , ability to think, and sensitive to emotions. We think we are close to Nature and Nature teaches us thousand plus one lessons in one day, nothing comes easy to it as nothing comes easy to us. Let us make it one not by dividing it into pieces for smaller cause but for the unexpected behavior of Nature for far greater cause than we can even imagine.

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