Natural Finland

Early staurday morning waking up with the hope to see the hope giving rise to your body. Words are only the factor that comes in my mind. These words are infinite these words are connected some how to give the meaning to the sentence. I do not know how to put it.

When you have so many things to talk about you often fall in the trap of saying very little about one thing. It is good to know and learn the technology, I was reading a book yesterday from Thomas L. Friednan “The world is flat”. From the pages that I fliped, I found that globalization has really leveled the field in economics, education, engineering, Inforamation Technology, and so on.

Today morning Me and My friend had some sweet discussion about how the Finnish People are close to nature and their are more than a person can count in numbers, about the lesson we can learn from Nature. “We are close to Nature”. This is what he said. We all like Nature very much. I believe Nature is what we have to think about.

Today we are in the age where we are Number One in Technology are we are making good progress in every other fields but can we control the nature. Can we say that “Hey, Tsunami do not come”. Can we say that, “Hey Volcano do not errupt”. The falling of rain, the snow and the unexpected nature of Nature is next big thing we have to take care of. We cannot control it but we can definetly learn from it.

Nature is all about learning. Nature is about learning your nature close to Nature itself is very nice. If you can see with one eyes the distance, you will see the same distance with the both of your eyes.
Only thing is that we need to see it. If we are not able to see the beauty how can we describe it ? If we cannot see the beauty of Nature how can we say about it. I think its not only seeing you have to give all your senses to Nature, Nature will give you all its sense to you.

Welcome to Learn Nature in Finland !

(Picture taken from:
Riverside%20Nature%20Center3.JPG )

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