Research your-self.

Mr. X is far from Miss Y. He has a desire, desire to see her but that is not possible. They are both very far from each other. The geographic boundary separates both of them. They want to meet, see, feel, hear and taste each other but some how they could not do so.

The presence of one person close to or feeling of one person being close to you can not be acheived. Scientifically do not exist today. Researchers are working on it and It will take them thousand of years before they will come up with some ideal implementation.

The significance of such activitiy is really remarkable if can be achieved. Mr. X do not have to travel to see Miss Y. Imagine such thing happening in near future. Wow, Their are thousand of negative points also which comes into consideration while making such system. Some of them are “will it really be like the reality ?” Again, It will also how we define the term reality. What is reality ? All our senses working in tact. Is this a reality ? If we say that all our sense can work in tact then we define the term that we are “alive”.

We define the term “death” only when none of our sense are in tact, or are not working. We cannot smell, taste, see, hear,feel etc.(if their are any more). This definition is very old and traditional we need to change it. Why ? We all individual are not dead. Whoever borns in this planet are not dead. It is us who define that “that person is dead”.

Don’t get excited. It only means that our sense are not working. that’s it. We all are alive. how can i say that ? We are alive, only problem is that our sense do not work. The problem is that we can bring a person from death phase to alive phase but that is very easy task but it won’t be suitable or good or for well being of society.

The cycle continues and cycle will continue as long as we name the word as “cycle”. Which means “circle”, continuity, movement etc.. Researchers should not concentrate on how a person can be bring to life after death but they should concentrate on why our sense do not work ? What is the reason that we become immobile and our sense stop working ? It is my way of giving you the path. Their will be difficulties in walking the path and it is good, more of these difficulties comes, sooner you will reach home.

Research is findings, research is knowing, understanding, well-being, thinking about society, people, for the world, It is good that we have already taken the path of good. If we think something is good, if we imagine and put this in our mind or if we have impact of “good” we will forget “bad”.

I don’t know I started with one but I again went on to describe something which might not be useful to many. However, Mr. X can only meet Miss Y if Miss Y wants to meet Mr.X and vice versa. Mr. X will not have geographical boundary with Miss Y only if both do not see the difference in time. Mr. X will see, feel, taste, smell, hear Miss Y only if Miss Y will do the same to Mr.X.

To sum up, we are dual, biased, we always talk about “two”, first lets find out “one” then we can jump to find out “two”. Which means know yourself, know who you are, try to find out your self, you as a human first then only you will some how manage to find out others person as human too.

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