Lesson from a movie.

I was watching a movie yesterday, I learn a quite a good lesson from this movie. The movie is all about the relationship especially in east. That part of world where women are treated minority, where women are dominated highly by males. Not actually dominated but Male has higher advantage then Women.

The movie was about one sweet couple.These two couple were very nice to each other. They were happy in their life, married also had a small daughter of their own. The guy in the movie is a lecturer in a university. His survives and gets his basic stuffs by giving lecturers and earns which is just enough for a family. The Female in the movie seems not so satisfied with what they have, things they have in their home. The stuffs she wants to are missing because of lack of money.

One day she goes to buy a pair of shoes for her daughter what happens is the pair of shoes were little bit expensive then she expected. She decides not to buy them but one fat women who was present in the shop lends her some money to buy the shoes. She takes it. Now, That old fat women takes her to her place, shows her the city with big malls, and outstanding beauty of whole city. Later she takes her to her apartment and she calls her customer to get involved with her. The lady could not stop her and she does the mistake of being involved with the another Men.

Now, The sequence of movies goes on like this way. Every now and then the old fat women comes her home or asks her to satisfy her customer in big hotels, big malls and apartment. The story goes on. Since the girl is married and do not want to live her husband because they are living very happy life. The girl do not wants to hurt her husband somehow but could not tell her about the whole situation she is going through. She satisfies her daughter by buying small things that previously she somehow could not buy it for financial reasons and so on.

Now, One day one of the student of the lecturer sees the lecturer’s wife in the big hotel. She then wants to know what is going through. What happens is, The women tells her story to this student and the student manages to tell about the this story to the lecturer in indirect way. She ask the lecturer about “what will happen or what will be the end of such story”. The lecturer says- Many things can happen, It all depends, depends upon the kind of person, the person might divorce her, might kill her, might get angry and will not contact her forever and so on but he also says that their will be one person who will ignore her ignorance. That person will not forget but he will give the excuse.

That type of person will understand the situation about the women and her life. He will feel what women is going through, he will understand that- depsite being a whore or satisfying the fat women customers she is also managing household chores without showing her difficulty. That kind of person will also exits.

The students learns the lessons and at the same time the wife of the lecturer also understands what her husband was trying to say.They all are in one common room discussing about this story which the student some how indirectly says to the lecturer. During the night period, the women of lecturer appreciates the answer he gave to her student. Now she puts the question and asks weather he will give the excuse if the women was not somebody else but herself.

Lecturer knew what her wife was up to, they both start making love and the story ends. Lecturer does not replies with the answer, it means he have already given the excuse. Wow !

Relationship is not only about sex, not only about the sharing the skin with each other. Love cannot be described, it is not smell, it is not the answer to the question we ask about the love.Love is not so simple at the same time it is not so difficult. Love is the statement of question which has been remained unanswered for ages and will remain unanswered …

(Picture taken from:http://www.rediff.com/
entertai/2003/may/17rekha.jpg )

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