Easter, Holi & Eid Mailad u Nabi

From today onwards, Easter festival is going to be celebrated. The festival which is observed by christens, the main theme is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The 2008 date for the celebration is on March 23 (Western) and April 27(Easter).The egg hunts and gift giving is especially celebrated in USA and Canada whereas the family get together, religion services are also celebrated.

Next Fesitval which is very common in Nepal and India is (Hindi: होली), or Phagwa (Bhojpuri), It is a popular, Hindu spring festival, also called the Festival of Colours. In West Bengal, it is known as Dolyatra (Doljatra) or Boshonto Utsav (“spring festival”).

Another Occasion is Eid Mailad u Nabi is birth day of HOLY PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SAW), t is most happiest day for whole Muslim Ummah. it is in Muslim month of RABI UL AWAL from ISLAMIC CALENDAR and date is 12 RABI UL AWAL.

“we should be very careful about using some phrases like “All of the Muslims” or “The happiest day of the year”. To be more clear, just for your information, I should say that the believers of a big branch of Islam don’t believe in this day (Rabi o Aval 12th) as their prophet’s birthday. they believe on Rabi o Aval 17th. In addition, there are many parameters that affect selecting one’s happiest day of the year, for example some personal reasons like wedding anniversary or some national reasons. For example I also like today as one of the most happy day of the year not for any religious reason but as 21th of March that is ONE of the most historical celebration in human’s history named Nowrouz. This is the biggest national Persian celebration. “

(Feeds from :Mohammadhadi Bordbar)

One thing is very common in all these occasions and they are celebrated during this time of year. Why are they celebrated during this time of year all of the three ? What is the reason that Prophet has to born on the same time or during the same period resurrection of Jesus. Why the Holi festival in Asia is celebrated during the same time when their is arrival of spring in west. It is not wrong or it is nothing negative in doing so but the million dollars question is it shows unlike our religion we are same.

We may have different religion, we may follow our own God and Goddess, religion, culture, festivals and so on however, we are the same ! We are same in a sense we are humans. Many of us have forgotten the fact that we are “First Humans” and then “Next-….” We are fighting for land, some one is fighting for money, others do not have peace, many of them do not have food to eat, no houses, buildings, poor deteriorating health etc. Why don’t we group together and help each other some how. Why don’t we give the help to those who are in need ? It is only because we think that If I have a one penny, when I will give this penny to other – that person will be one penny rich and I will be one penny poorer. It is not like that. If you have one penny that means you have many such penny.

Their are two types of phenomenon one is those types of humans who are “givers”, next is those types of person who are only “takers”. Especially the former one ,The person who likes to give, is outgoing, extrovert, do not care about any other things, very friendly and always wanting to do for others. “givers have heart full of love, their mind, and soul is some what similar to a vast ocean. A ocean where if you will take a glass of water it won’t be empty. They think such a sense that they exit because they want to give whatever they could to this society, country, for their organization and for mother earth.

Next kind of people are those who are “takers”, Those who wants to take from others. They are unfriendly, wants more than others have, introvert, not open, always want something from others such kind of people should not be mistaken with those who are in need. Those who cannot do anything by themselves. Takers especially represent to those elite group where we call them as terrorist, where we have a named them as “greatest threat of this time”.

These all aspect whatever it might lead and wherever it might go- takes us to one end. Every individual in this earth knows the hard fact that we are born empty, naked and we will die empty and naked. That is why I always say that, “It is not the destination that matters, it is the path we take, a journey to the destination that matters”.

To sum up, All these festivals, occasions or whatever you like to call it- Is some how connected is some way. I do not want to make any difference between any of them. We can celebrate these all together, separate as per our wish which results in one common theme. We should not forget that we are one. Some times we end up saying that “Ours is the best” ! In such case, think how far you want to expand the “ours”. If you will expand “ours” limitlessly you will end up saying- “We all are best” !

( Picture1 taken from:http://www.catholiccommunications.ie/
Picture2 taken from: http://www.t2india.com/images/
Picture3 taken from: http://www.ezsoftech.com/islamic/
images/milad.jpg )

  1. March 23, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Happy Easter! Happy Holi! Happy spring!Happy something! It doesn’t matter what. There is always some reason to have festival. It doesn’t matter what the name of the festival is, it matters that we can have fun and we can celebrate with our friends and family.

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