Welcome Spring !

Fight is not between you and me. I am not alone. I am with one person inside me who controls me, takes me to what I want to go and again asks me or reminds me that whatever I am doing is right.It is not with any body outside me, it will never be any physical person outside me. I do not want to fight or talk or give importance of my words, my writing, my articles all the stuffs that start with “my” or some how is attached with the “my”, I do not want to give values to these stuffs. I know these are temporary and they will be temporary forever for me at least.

From today onwards, it seems that Spring has started in Finland. Today morning when I woke up it was bright sunny day with a temperature of +10 degree centigrade. I suddenly felt the heat in my bed which I was not seeing for last 3-4 months.

The heat of sun was missing, the brightness was missing and everything else that was useful or that I think is useful was missing. I don’t know why it is like that but I do not care as long as I think it is useful. I am watching movie right now and typing. It does not make me some kind of genius or I am not imitating some one. The early blossom of flower, the sun rays falling in the flower and the smell of all these events remind of deep breathtaking silence of life, culture, values, trust and truthfulness.

I learn one good thing today, It was that I have a good friend with whom I am doing my many of the courses together, He is very helpful and helping me a lot. On a discussion, We talked about the Surname of Finnish Men. The Surname of Finnish Men has great meaning attach to it. Previously their do not used to have a surname in a Finnish name. It makes sense to me. It is somehow similar to what I usually think about the surname. Why is whatever I think or have thought in the past are all correct and matching a lot in Finland.

Was I previously somehow connected to this place ? Is this my next re-incarnation. Is this my second life ? Why some times I feel that whatever I am experiencing here has been already done by me. May be My mind is not working or wants some rest. Why I think I want to learn more from Finland, every time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to my bed.

Their are thousand of questions every day in my mind. I like to think because I do not think their is another things in world left for me to do without thinking. I think because I live in imagination, I imagine, its one of the difficult things for others and easy for me. Welcome to the Spring climate in Finland, I welcome the Spring Climate with my both hands. I would like to invite the birds chirping, sound and presence of beautiful flowers, kids playing in hot sunny melting snowing day and so on. Welcome to Spring climate in Finland…

(Picture taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/
wiki/Image:Colorful_spring_garden.jpg )

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