Struggle it was, struggle it is and struggle it will be. Some one once said that “Life is full of struggle”. Every day we struggle to wake up, every day we struggle to visit to office and every day we struggle to do our home works and so on. We are humans with emotional bonding attached in us. When we see a person struggling than us, We would like to help.

Help is vast concept where giver are open, with broad mind and vision. Takers are in need. One simple gesture, or simple note will make the giver happy, cheerful, might encourage him/her more.
I myself have to struggle like a hell. When I have to check my email’s yesterday-Their were couple of rejection letter from some of the company’s I applied. How would you feel when you are rejected ? Well, If you would ask me, It will take some time for me to get over but again, it is just a bad luck.

Then, I started to check my marks-card suddenly I felt that well, I got failed in one course again. What a shame on me ? The big letters shows that -FAILED. It really was again awful experience but these are just common experience one has to go through. Their are failures in life, bad days in life and very worst days in life. These days will teach us how to take a next BIG step in life.

What I believe is Its the mixture of success and failures which will tell you what is the condition of life, we are up to. People always say learn from your mistake, learn from the failure but I do not agree on these aspects because we cannot learn from the mistakes yeah to some extent yes. However, We got to learn from success also, success will teach us that we are doing good, it will give the confidence, self confidence, the motivation to go forward, it does not necessarily will lead to over-confidence but it really will help in the process some how.

Whatever word we are using in the present context is absolutely non-sense and demoralizing. Take an example of “FAILED” or let’s say “DEADLINE” these are negative word and whenever we are using such words in one person life we are giving him a negative impression about himself, we are actually demoralizing him/her. Some times my mind ask me to think about the question of more suicide rate in Europe and America just because of these aspects.

It is the greatest gift of Nature that we are born humans, we can teach others, help others share each other feelings this is why we like community service a lot. These community service has become a kind of taboo in present day context. Some e.g in computers are Face book, hi5, My space and so on.

We want to learn,earn,share and do what so ever only in the presence of others we are humans and it is good idea to either like or dislike others idea, thoughts, expression, emotions and others similar phenomenon.

One day I was in the kitchen just trying to figure out what is their in the Internet and some stuffs suddenly My friend came and he said,” I like cooking”. I began to think, and I said “It is always the “ing” we like.

Don’t get confused, add cook and ing, add listen and ing, add play and ing, add kiss and ing, add f@#$ and ing, add read and ing, add x and “ing”.

This new discovery is correct in the sense that we want to be in present and we like to do those things which are related in the present context. When I was going through these words then finally at the end I found the word which I was having difficulty to figure out why I have to go through these. The word was “struggle” Suddenly I realize that I have to follow the formula that I derived which is “add ing” which said “struggling”.

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  1. March 19, 2008 at 2:35 pm

    If there’s a struggle in your life it means that you are expecting something from your life. Struggling is part of achievement, we don’t achieve anything if there’s no struggling.But life is full of struggle only if we think so, I prefer the word challenge.

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