Thanks God, you are ALIVE.

Thanks GOD !I am alive.Live in a moment, talk with the your self and be humble to yourself. I always talk about these things and will talk about these aspects of life because these aspect will teach you how to live a life.

Their are thousand wishes in my life and I want all of my wishes to get fulfilled. Every time I wake up early in the morning sipping my morning coffee reminds me that I have to do this, I have to do that and so on.

These things which I have “TODO” are those wishes and these wishes I want to get them fulfilled. How do I do it ? Well, Its very simple. First take the the first work you want to work and then just go through it, be focused on what you have to do, Secondly Remember the time given or assign for the work. If you feel you are over doing it leave it carry on with the Next Work and so on.

These are one way you can work out with your daily work. I am getting late, this is the first feeling that comes in my mind always. I have made my daily activities as the compulsion to myself. Either I should do it or I should never do it.

It is very difficult to work out like this way but I am addicted to what I do. I am not addicted to Internet, I also have testified with it and found out the results that I am not. But I am addicted to my own self.

Results of any work does not matter as long as you are more concentrated on the work. If you are worried about the results you will not be focus, if you think about result and are more result oriented or output oriented then you are more likely to fall in dark pond.

You got to be focus on what you do, what you like most, what makes you happy and cheerful, what small things you like yourself or of some one. You got to see and find out for yourself. These little things, these activities will remind you that you are ALIVE. These activities will tell you later when you are old that you lived your life. You have nothing to loose. These will tell you that you had a brilliant life.

Lessons learn in life will be never be finished and will never finish. I look different to others because others are different than me. I am annoying to them because they are annoying to themselves. I am rude to them because they feel I am rude. These are the facts or impression people keep of you.

Today, is brilliant day ! See the patterns in the sky every day they are different. Why ? These different patterns in sky are their to bring some smile on your face, See the colors of flowers- The variety of them with different colors-these are their to tell you that you don’t have to like one of them but surely you will like one of them. Cheer up !

(Picture taken from:
poppy-flowers-vivid-red-in-field-at-Musselburgh-Scotland-1-OGS.jpg )

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