Presence of Over-Confidence in me

I am really some times over-confident. People have negative aspects and I think this is my negative aspect of becoming over-confident at times. It does not mean that we all are perfect but the fact is that we also have to learn from our negative effects.

People think they are perfect. When you think you are perfect and their is no one good or better than you at that very moment you are in verge of becoming egoistic. You are creating within you an ego hassle. If you will become a egoistic person then surely you are not going to listen what others are going to say about you.

I don’t know what kind of impression people have for me. I do not care much about it. I do what I feel I should do and I leave the rest to the people around me to judge about me. If you treat person as they are you will make that person worse but if you treat them as they ought to be, then they will become a MAN.

In various aspect of science their are a lot of talk going on understanding the mind of human. It is not difficult topic. I believe (not being over-cofident) though that I can find some thing unusal in this aspect but again I always re-check before I make or do some task. The re-checking some times help and some time it hurts to other. I think I am capable of but again, I should admit the fact that I do not have job.

No one is hiring me. No one think I have the potential to work for their comapny or precious organization. Every dog has its day despite being a Man, I am really worried about my own days.

“Life is a journey where destination does not really matters because we all know where we are going to end it, but the process of reaching to the destiantion does matters”.

I am trying to define the term called “life” but I am trying to put something which I think is suitable at present context, atleast for me. We are humans and our brain function in such a way that it has a capability to reach any place, any where in the world in less than seconds. We know this, we already have a background knowledge about it, but we need to prove it to the world that “Presence” of one person brain does not have geographical limit or is not bounded by the boarders.

Imagine a place where you wish to visit and you do not have to really take a journey of reaching to the place but you feel or your senses work in such a way that you are in the place you want to be.

Can this happen ? Yes ofcourse it will be. If I say that they need me, they represent those who are working on this field. They represents those scientist who have every facilites they can imagine, bread to eat and facilites to motive their work.

I am not promising anything but I will try my level best and I believe I can exceed their expectations. I believe in hard work and hard work is chariot of success. Even though sometimes I am over-confident. But My dear friends, to become over-confident you got to be confident first. You cannot become over- just like that.

It does not mean that I take it casual, every thing what I do is based on my logical thinking which seems illogical to many of the people around me. Every body think I am a Mad or physcologically disturbed. To those who think I am Physcologically disturbed they are absolutely correct and “thank you”. I admit what I do, I do what I think and I am what I am not what others make of me.

I like to put words in these web page, People called it as blogging. My concept here is that we can talk or write about anything we wish but it should be informative, atleast it should tell about your daily experiences, the way you want to improve your life and the life of others, some thoughts on your mistake, your negative aspect, +ve too and so on.

Now, I have started to feel and headache, It was a long day for me ! See you tomorrow if I am alive. I will return to the new posting again but Imagine I am no more. Who is going to write these craps ? It will be un-noticed, un-touched and no one will view it. Why should they ? I am just an ordinary person, living in ordinary world, an ordianry life.

One day my chapter of life will also get over, this is the end and the best part. It will blink for the final time just like this cursor is bliking whenever I am writing but I am not worried about it. Why should I ? It is the truth understanding, knowledge, something which is vast.

Hope to see you with my new posting. I will write and will try to give you my own expereices of life, my brain, my mind, bheja … I will try to tell you what am ordinary person like me feels … I am not trying to attract attention but I am writing what I am currently feeling, what my senses are telling me and What my brain is asking me to do.

My brain is giving me orders- It says, “Just type the word, go to your past and write something …” I am the slave of my Master. I am following his orders Nothing more.

When you start to loose control of your mind you will absolutely be the person what I will imagine. I can see the person and tell what he is typicall like. It does not mean again that I am over confident but I am confident. Good night ! See you soon in near future, or hope to see you soon !

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