How do you define the term called learning ? Is learning based on the experience ? If you define the term experience of something which you have already done in the past then how do you define then past ?

Learning is the word which defines the continuity or process. learning is always a process.It is the process with some time.Learning can be define in may different ways but I think learning is always the process of experience. If I have to define learning in one sentence how do you define it.

“Go forward, come back and go forward again.”

Well, you might think I am going mad by writing this one stupid line of sentence to define learning. But their is one word which i have to describe literally that is the word called “forward”. How do i define the word forward, It is moving 2 paces front and these two paces or steps are taken with two step of thinking in our mind. The two step process of thinking is –
1. Past experience
2. Future expectation

Once we know these two steps or predict or think about these two steps very closely then we go forward and come back and go forward again. This is the process of learning. The process which might seem complicated and philosophical in some term but it is not obsolete.

Every action is the prediction of future event. Every action we do is based on our past experience and understanding we have. Not every action but some actions are not based on experiences. Learning is a process of acquiring a knowledge but knowledge is something which cannot be acquired in some time.

Learning can only be achieved if you already have some experience and then you come back from gaining your experience to learn. Learning is secondary to experience. It is easier if we gain experience first and then we start to learn.

Learning requires vast experience. It requires first to attain experience then only we can learn or it is easy for us to learn.

Learning never stops till our death bed.We are not stopping learning. We are learning and we will learn till we die. It is vast concept, it is not something which can be acquired. It is not something which is easily attained. I am learning is like I am in love but I do not know what both learning and love is and I am so childish to know about these two terms. I am so childish because I am eager to know but I will not have exact or appropriate answer to these terms or variables or keywords or the concept or what ever it is called. No body has ever describe it and any body who tries to describe will not reach to the point where every one will accept it.

Learning is based on our level of thinking. It is a journey. The journey never stops and we never learn in our journey, ever places we go we learn about the places, people or what so ever. It is similar to journey which will never stop. Our life is similar to journey. We go to different places we meet different people, we share our ideas, our thoughts and our knowledge we like, dislike, appreciate, respect etc the other person.

Learning is a process which never stops and will never stop till we are alive and until and unless we give up our own life.

(Picture taken:http://www.masternewmedia.org/images/
personal_learning_environments_main.jpg )

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