Innovation and transparency

Can you define this term called innovation- Is it the creation, creativity or idea generated or something based on productivity what is this term called as Innovation ?

The dictionary meaning

1. The act of innovating; introduction of something new, in
customs, rites, commercial products, etc. –Dryden.
[1913 Webster]

2. A change effected by innovating; a change in customs;
something new, and contrary to established customs,
manners, or rites. –Bacon.

The two dictionary meaning of the term describes it all but do you agree that innovation is just only the act or change in customs or just a change effected by innovating.

I do not believe that innovation is a product of a logical thinking. It cannot be said in any sense that innovation is product of logical thinking but I assume and think the final product or achievement or change is some what related to the structure of those thinking. It is the end which is derived from the start of logical thinking. People define innovation based on the social-economic, organizational or technical inventions, improvements I define innovation as the act of creation-creation that is from your mind without any previous background knowledge.

I have to give one exam tomorrow based on this topic called “Innovation and competitiveness” I do not feel like reading anything because I am not innovative. I don’t know what crap the teacher taught in the lectures. Despite the lecturer was good and best in his course. It is not his fault, It is not the fault of anybody but It is my dull mind which cannot think anything.

He defines the typology of innovation as

Product innovation, Process, System, Architecture, Incremental, Disruptive, Strategic innovations. What are these crap innovations ? Can you think of something called product innovation ? These innovation are also defined as non-technological innovation such as service, financial, organizational and social innovation.

It seems that I am writing my master thesis. Who do you think innovates ? What a stupid question ? Don’t you think this question is such a stupid way to ask who is your mom or who is your dad ? Surely we all know that they are humans and we are too. Now, He ask the question called who innovates ? Surely it will be humans.

It won’t be animals who are going to say one morning that Sir- I have innovated something new for you. Take me to the outdoor. I want to shit. Their is another question he asks- The question is what is the national system of innovation ?What a crap question again

My response to any question around the world would be- “The answer of any question lies always in the question itself.”

How do I know this ? I know this because the above quote came in my mind few seconds earlier when I was getting angry with this question. It is the main idea behind writing any essay or question.Do remember that every question has answers inbuilt with it. You got to find some way to look very carefully. Today My friend was suggesting that- I am not transparent. Why do I be transparent ?

What is the purpose of being transparent ? It took me few seconds to figure out what this transparency means but later I found that transparency is all about being open. Well- What a good question it is. I am not transparent or he thinks or the friend circle around think I am not transparent only because they cannot think beyond this. People see me as not transparent because they cannot see what I am doing.

I am not open-but I maintain, I write, I teach and I do not want to take anything with me. Why should I be called not transparent now ? People think I am not open only because they are living a closed life.. It is the thinking that makes a person not the saying or showing or achievement. If you open a diary of mine- Which is always very open and simple- The very first page has something written on it and it says-

“Try not to become a man of success but a man of value” Eienstein

What does it shows ? It shows and tells me every time I open a diary that I have to become a man of value not the man of success. What would I do with being sucessful. Those around me are all dissatisfied and a dissatisfied man is full of misery.

I do not feel like convincing every one around me, at present but I will certainly do what I feel doing because you can see in the top of the blog page what it tells about me.

“I am what I am and not what others make of me”

So, Let me come to the topic called National System of innovation.

It is regional, structure of economy, public policy, two major drivers are macroeconomic and microeconomic, raising output by putting more people to work and raising labor productivity.

I wish I pass but it does not matter as long as I am in the process of becoming a man of value rather than a man of success. Everything is words and words does not describe how good or bad or whatever you make out of a person. The very first thing you can observe by seeing a person is his looks which will tell you—–>impression——> +/———>impact on you——–>your approach to a person——->his/her reaction——–>starting of relationship.

Do remember one thing, these phases can only be possible with communication, two way communication does not really have to be spoken but can be sign, gesture,spoken, written etc.

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