How can you define a shadow ? A shadow is the image of your body when the visible lights fall on it, you see them.Literally, it is defined like this, isn’t it ?

That is very traditional definition of shadow. It is not the shadow but the image of your part of body that is visible. I have watched it several times and figure out that shadow is not only the image of our part of body but it is also of self. It is something that I mentioned in my earlier article about. It is the image of two souls which are present inside us. It is the non-speaking human body or clone or another copy of our body. It might be an women or men visible at any instant. I believe some times we see two shadows of our body.

The two shadows are the representation of two organ of a human body-Women and Men. I think this might be so we see two shadows. If you see three shadows then I do not have reasons to explain them.

Why shadow exists ? It is because we do not care about them or is it because they are their to exit. I think they exist only because it reminds us that we are looked after every moment, every second. It tells us that we are not alone. Even if you might live a lonely life but you are not alone because their is your shadow which speaks a lot about you.

Have you tried any time in your life talking with your own self ? Probably May be or May be not. I do it many times- It is because if you develop a habit of talking with your self then you do not look stupid but you are going one step closer to your self and realizing what you want, what are the most important things you need in your own life and what you should do. It will help you make decisions.

People do many mistakes daily and find it very difficult to make decisions. It is very difficult for them to make a simplest of decisions why ? It is just because we forget to know or talk to our own self. We are living a life for others, when will you think about your self ? It is good that you first know yourself and then start living for others it will help a lot in the process of helping others.

Experience is the best teacher, how can I expect to help or assist other person until and unless me, myself don’t know what I am talking about. Whatever I write or whatever I do is based on my personal experiences not from others or may be from some body’s else experiences and these experiences are knowledge or advice or suggestions or perception or info to boost your self.

As said by Sir Einstein- If I have one penny today and if I give that penny to you, I will be one penny poorer and you will be one penny richer but If I have an idea and if I give that idea to you , then you will have an idea and I will retain that idea too.

This is the way he lived his life, I am not trying to say that you should be his followers but you can learn the lesson from him. “Knowledge is multiplied not added”. It is not added to your self, not to some else’s mind or what so ever.

Take an example of 9+9=18 and also 9*9=81.

These are two numbers(same numbers), These two same numbers should also give the same result but some one in the past found out some calculation techniques in such a way that he made + and *

When we add these numbers we get 18 and when we multiply the same number we get opposite of the result of addition of two numbers.(18 or 81). If you will ask my son, Which one is bigger, He will blindly say-Father the second one.

You got to know one thing for sure in your mind, you can think you are one, alone and lonely living a life in depression and being in emptiness or darkness but you are not. Their lives a another person with you, that another person living with you is another number (9) and you (9). It is not the addition of knowledge you get from the person living with you but the multiplication of knowledge you get. You decide based on the knowledge he/she gives you.

However, Sharing is always loving but loving can never be sharing. We do not share what we love. We do not like to share the most important thing in our lives why ? We do not want to share because their is a human tendency to be afraid of loosing.

The topic of the article is not justified with just the name called “shadow”. It might means

“Shade within defined limits; obscurity or deprivation of
light, apparent on a surface, and representing the form of
the body which intercepts the rays of light; as, the
shadow of a man, of a tree, or of a tower “

According to the dictionary but it is not a perfect definition some one should change it. I have tried to defined on my own way but it won’t be valued because I am no Einstein and I am no Newton. I am an ordinary man who can think, think and just think.

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  1. March 10, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    Interesting point of view. But there is one thing I disagree. Actually it is one word I hate so much. Ordinary. You are not ordinary, we all are special. Saying that one is ordinary is just a way to categorize people and try to make them feel imperfect and forget who they are.

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