God is Unknown.

How can you define a term called “GOD”. We think God exist, yes he may exists but it is also the case that we do not have any proof to say that we have seen god. Take for e.g If I ask one man in the street, “Hey, Have you seen GOD and he says yes I have saw him, He was in the bar.” Now, If I am an ordinary men I will surely say that I am asking him a stupid question and I am at the same time being stupid. Or I can even say that I am drunk and I am talking non-sense.

Some of the basic variables or terms are just the feeling in our life such as love for example or life and so on. God is similar to those feelings. We believe in God because we expect something from ourselves, We think he/she/it exits because we want to have blind faith on something unknown.

The million dollar question is now, Why do we believe in the unknown(GOD) because we are deep rooted to our religion, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikh,Muslim and so on. The person who we say are GOD such as Jesus, Buddha, Allah and Iswor etc are just the messengers, they were ordinary humans and they will always remain humans.

I am not saying that I do not believe in GOD and I do not have faith in GOD. As you know I am also simple, ordinary human as you are but I am thinking is different way. I am curious to find out that-GOD is just the concept by which we live our life.

Their is no heaven and hell, how can I say that their is the place called heaven or hell. No way, Whatever we do and what ever we are doing in this mother earth should be categorized as heaven or hell.

Now, the big research question is who was the first person who created “Adam” and “Eve” in Christianity and who was the creator of a species called human ? Who did it ? Science do not agree on this concept and I do not believe it was the GOD who created it.

My thinking or my idea of creation of first human being in this planet is quite different.What I believe is that, “It was the nature and It is because of nature we are here.” Nature has some basic elements- Water, Wind and Earth. These 3 basic elements mixed up to form first species in this planet. Again, I cannot prove it but this is how I think.

It is not right or wrong but I believe in Nature, I believe in the oxygen it is providing it to me, I trust in the wind that blows through me, I can feel the rain drops in my face when it falls and when nature needs some soil it will forget to give the oxygen that I want.

Is their any body who can escape the death ? Death is certain, death is feeling whenever we talk about it we feel danger within ourself because we do not want to leave our material world, we are afraid of loosing everything around us. We are imagining that we will loose our good old friends, our relatives, our family and our this and our that. Every thing that we are doing and everything we are trying to achieve is just well-written verse or script that nature has with it. We are followers of the nature and nothing happens by our wish.

(Picture taken from: http://www.godtalkstoyou.com/God%20bless%20you.jpg)

  1. March 10, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    I just wanna say some words. There’s no need to prove that God exist. The only thing is the faith. It doesn’t matter what the othres believe or if they think you’re crazy if you believe. We all believe in some thing, God or not the God. Faith give us hope, strength and so on.I think that there is no need to explain what is God, you either know/feel it or you don’t. Blessed those who feel.But that’s only my opinion and only I should care about my opinion.

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