Read my Mind

What is the necessity of reading my mind.? I am an ordinary human being living in ordinary earth with ordinary thoughts and vision. I am no VIP (Very Important Person), I do not belong to higher class, nor do i belong to middle class and nor to lower class because my mind says that i do not have class.

My friends, family and people near to me will say that i belong to one country in the north but my mind says i do not have any country. Every body is thinking about the profit in every things they do. I am not thinking about any profit at least my mind does not thinks on that but you will not agree on it, will you ?

My mind is a stupid mind. It is not a man’s mind nor can I say its a women’s mind. I know it because it is just a mind. People say i am jealous, proudy kind of human but my mind says i am perfect. If i says these words that also means that i say through my mind. Everything is temporary that is what my mind says.

We are random particle in motion their is always two things that is differentiating the whole world. For e.g. good Vs bad, right vs wrong and bad vs ugly, true vs lie and so on. Why are we biased ? What is the necessity of being biased as we are.

Once I wrote an article and showed to a teacher she said, “Kalwar, “you can write without breathing”. Why can’t you just put some paragraph in between and maintain the blog. As a obedient student I like her way of thinking about me so I am improving doing that. This is the process of learning.Learning never stops, till the last breath we take in our life we will learn and it won’t stop there.

Today’s world is creating the difference not in every body’s mind but they are usually differentiating the whole world, world will not be better place to live until and unless we believe in change and we adopt to that change.

To sum up, Why should people read my mind ? People should read my mind because the mind you are reading is about the ordinary human who lives in ordinary world and a simple human mind will try to give you thousand and one lesson than a mind of a very important person. Know his mind you will find many things similar to your own mind.

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