Ideas are generated by imagination …

We all are different, that is good.
We all act differently, that is good.
We all have our idols, good.
We all think, very good.
We all are humans. (Written by human)

Can a monkey write- We are researching on it.
Can a chimpanzee think-Research
Can male will give birth -Research
Can we survive for ever-Research

What is relationship ?
I would say a ship, which has relation with water. A water which has relation with the object called ship. They both touch each other. Can you find the keyword in above two sentence ? If you can then good but if you cannot don’t worry. The keyword is “touch”.

The water has no problems with the ship,when it touches it and so on. The ship also has no problem with water. They can touch each other but imagine when water suddenly say’s that you cannot touch me.

What would ship think and do ? Ship will say please i beg you, i ask you and i really need your help, i want to touch you-let me do it otherwise i could not move. When ship begs or request or ask for permission then slowly water starts thinking that it is the most important thing. The ego is created in water, the ego which says without it nothing is possible.

Now, despite the fact that ship has to move on why could not it move. Either it has to leave the sea, or it has to be be stationary-which it cannot do.

Therefore ship leaves the sea and the door is closed for ship and water in that sea.
Now, ship is moved in the place where their is no water. what is the next solution ?
How can a ship be moved ? Gentleman, do you have any idea.

“Ideas never die.”
“Ideas are generated by imagination,imagination is knowledge and knowledge is power.”(Quote generated in 0.000079seconds in my mind).

Now, Suddenly what happens is ship is puzzled, surprised and starts behaving as if he is alive now. How ?. It feels the drop of rain in its body. From no where their is rain falling heavily. It pours for 1 month continuously and the ship where it was laying becomes sea.

This is brief description of what people called today as relationship. Try to understand putting two humans, two different sex partners or same and what so ever. You will get some idea because idea …..

(Picture taken from:
Extraordinary%20Relationships%20Pic%20I.JPG )

  1. March 4, 2008 at 10:46 am

    I liked this article. You describe well what the relationship is. It make sence when I think it like that.Keep on generating those fabulous quotes, someday somebody will say that ‘once one wise man wrote…’ and then use your quote.

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