Good Morning to you all.

Hyvä huoämentä ! Corrected one -after receiving a comment(Hyvää huomenta!)I don’t know weather the two brave words that I am trying to use are correct or not but the meaning is Good Morning. Therefore A very good morning to me and to whole world waking up.

I am not johnny depp. No one would find any interest in reading my personal life. But the fact is I am not maintaining the blog because no one would read but to give the lesson that I am learning and that I have learn in my life to others through it. I am not going to tell you my story but the imaginative one.

Once in a beautiful land located Northern part of world was a person who was committed to what he spoke. He was so deeply rooted by his principals that he could do whatever he said. It was his principal and the way he lived his life. But the way of living a life was narrowed since people think, act and behave differently. His principal was whatever he said he will commit, do and deliver till his level best otherwise he would not say anything about it. Their were people who he was connected to but those people would not realize it. He was trying to convince them but very few of them understood what he was going through.

We are all ordinary human beings, we should live a life for others ….blah ..blah …blah……… these are old way of saying and dealing day to day life. The new approach is…

I am rocking tonight at party, are you going to come in the gay suit today. You were looking so F&&¤ beautiful tonight. Me and my friends rocked the entire place. ……..blah blah and blah… This is new approach of living a life in 21st century.

Everything that is difficult for others is easy to me and everything that seems easy is difficult.”

If I have written this quote it belongs to be because it was created some 7 seconds earlier in my mind and my keyword wrote it in this article. Creation is an art of mind which are randomly generated not collected.

But, these are boring to me again ! Welcome to the reality and the reality is very early in the morning so Good Morning to one and all. To the early sunrise which has touched its rays in the lake Saimaa stating that I am awake, I will provide energy and food to you all. To the chirping of birds which are getting ready to find some food for their baby birds and To the entire human beings who are getting ready to read, write, learn, make love,drink a morning coffee, see the beauty etc etc. My good morning to you all.

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  1. March 2, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    The two brave word are not correct. The correct way is Hyvää huomenta! But it doesn’t matter if they are not correct. What matters is that you try and then learn from your mistakes. Because it seems like it’s difficult to learn finnish, it must be easy.

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