The letter “M” can have thousand different meaning. If you see it, it is just a letter but once we start seeing it or longer than 2 sec then we start interpreting the letter to make words.

The mind will tell us not just to stop by seeing the letter “M” but to start thinking on our own and making the assumption based on the letter “M”. This is how our mind works. We first see the things or object and then we start making our own views of that object.

No body tells us anything about it. It basically comes from the level of knowledge we have acquired and the level of our understanding and learning. It also depends on how fresh our mind thinks on various aspect of object or matter or things. It is our way of looking the letter M.

To some people M really means money, to some it might mean “Men” and to some it also can mean “Move” or what so ever. This is our interpretation and our way of thinking about it. When we are in need of money then the first thing we will think about the object M is Money. When we are in need of desire and we want to get wet we will think of Men and when we are in the state where we can help others it might also mean Morality. It also can be “Mess” when we are disturbed or more specifically when our mind is disturbed.

Their was one person named Veronica she was very beautiful and her mind was constantly changing all the time. She could not decide what she wants in her life. She asked to me,”I do not know what is that going in mind”. Will you tell me what I want. I have everything, I have good job, I have good salary and I have very beautiful car but despite having all those things I am not feeling well. I could not figure out what I want in my life.

I told her that you have everything. You are completely fulfilled with all those things that you ever wanted but the main thing you are missing is love in simple terms and sex in real terms.Its not just sex you need but the satisfaction in sex. Do not get me wrong but the fact is I don’t know if you had sex or not but if you had sex you are lacking that satisfaction in sex. What I think is their are always two level of satisfaction in the sex both from men and women perspective.

The person whom you are engaged with will surely is lacking something which is not making you satisfy or he could not satisfy you. It might be also the way you look at that person(object) or he looks at you(object). What we see lies in our way of thinking.

She asked again what should i do now ? I could not understand your speech, its very philosophical and boring. I said in simple terms- First concentrate, Second be silent and third take rest for a week or two. What do you mean to say ?, “Veronica asked”. Do you ever remember when was the last time you visited the church ? She said, “it has been very long time”. The places like church, temples and holy places similar to that are for all humans go visit and concentrate to know your self. So, The very first task you do is concentrate. She started visiting the church thereafter for couple of weeks regularly whenever she felt and slowly everything went fine with her. Couple of days back she called me and said- “Thank you”.

This is the first phase of living a life. She got passed in the first phase so I do not have to tell her other phases and their are many different things in the first phase itself.Therefore “M” can stand for either “Men”, “Money”, “March”,”Moral” …

It all depends on our way of thinking and realizing about any object or things.

(Picture taken from:http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/
images/homepage/2402_cerys_01.jpg )

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