Life without you.

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I am really depressed, sad and hollow. I am empty and blue. I am feeling bad about myself because I know you are not with me. I am alone, I do not trust anybody because I know nobody does trust to me. Some times I have the feeling that I should kill myself but again I remember that I am not alone anymore.

Who should I live for ? Is it for you who is very far from me or Is it my loneliness that possibly would be filled. I cannot imagine you in someone else arm because I am jealous about loosing you. I cannot say weather I love but I know I cannot live without you.

Are marriages made in heaven ? If yes, then where is this place ? I am stupid that I am asking so many questions but its not with some body else I am asking it to but with myself. I read an article about Osho today and he said that life is not about birth and death it is far more important and difficult to understand then it.

I do not want to know about life or love but I want to be close with you. How is it possible for me to quit everything and close to you ? I know the simplest solution is the most difficult to take. What is their in you that reminds me that I cannot live without you. What is that you can give it to me which I cannot live without.

People do thousand and one thing to impress their partner, girl friend and wife but what should i do to impress you despite the fact that i know you do not expect anything like me. Are we really destined to each other ? People might wonder and ponder after saying so many words about you I am asking the question are we destined for each other.

Why is that marriage fall apart and girl friend of many guys leave their boy friend ? Isn’t it very difficult to answer. I like this word called difficult because everything that seems difficult to others is easy to me and everything that seems easy to others is very difficult for me.

The answer to the question is that every girl have one thing in common and that one thing is that they are jealous of other girl. Every women can either be very good to other women or either will be very god enemy. Most of the times women hate other women. They cannot see other women progress. Why ? It is because women are jealous and they are thinking too much. Sometimes they do not even think but they pretend they are thinking.

It is easy to say that they always expect the unexpected from their partners also. When their partner do not give or satisfy or could not some how satisfy her do not get me wrong with the word satisfy- it doesn’t necessarily mean sexual satisfaction but the satisfaction of all kind then women start getting bored. They behave irrationally they will do something stupid which will irritate the man, boy friend and a husband. This phenomenon is usually happening therefore most of the marriages, relationship do not last long.

Do not believe me but try to learn those golden words what came just from the scratch. You will believe me when you will trust me and it is difficult to trust somebody so easily. Trust starts from the letter “t” which I have given the meaning “t”=truth and the ending of letter in word “trust” is “t” again which also means “t”=truth.

This is how I have understood and this is my philosophy of understanding the English words. I do not know history and I do not want to know them anymore. If you trust me then you will see the meaning of these words. To get an solution to an individual problem you have to have patience and wait because what I am learning is what I am presenting it.

Life without you is life without meaning, without any reason, without any climate and without any motive. I really don’t know if i will be alive to see you. If I will be, I would like to die in your arms. Wish you were here to see what I am going through, everything we wish does not come true and with everything their is again nothing…Life without you…

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marymihalka/mortality.jpg )

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