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The word “falling” is totally negative. I don’t want to perform postmortem on this word because I do not know grammar meaning of the word. Whenever we say that we are in love it means that we are falling in love or we have fallen in love. The falling is an negative approach. By falling in love we are not being positive but we are in negative land itself.

The idea here is very old and it may be traditional but the conceptual analysis of the word speaks a lot in itself. Why are we falling in love and not rising in love ? Why didn’t we use the term “I am rising in love” rather than “I am falling in love” We only know how to use it we do not know how to create it. I may be wrong on this latter sentence but I think I am right on it.

Everything is given to us and presented in front of us, we are using them. Why cannot we create them instead of using them ? Well, if some English men is reading this he will surely be against my writings and might say i am crazy or i do not know how to write or even something absurd. Coming to my point, Why cannot we create the English words or modify them in our way in such way that we use them in our daily life ? We cannot we are not the creators of these words. Whoever the creator was and which ever country claims it belongs to them. It should be made easier to use and made comfortable to speak.

The idea here is that we are negatively using the term falling, may be in love we fall but why ? Why don’t we rise in love ? Why is it so important than any other things is whole world ? It is important to maintain the stability in earth. It is important to maintain calm, peace and warmness in our heart, mind, body and soul.It is important every time, every where and any moment.

The day their won’t be the love their won’t be this earth we are living in. Their won’t be existence of man kind. Their won’t be you and their wont be me. It is because of this term called “love” we are bounded to each other and we like each other. It is two way process where one gives and one takes. Also, one takes and one gives and so on.

Falling of snow, falling of rain, falling of apple and falling of sun ray in the earth teaches me that we are in land where everything is going to fall one day. It is just the matter of time. How many of you fall asleep expecting you are going to rise tomorrow morning again. If you expect that you are going to rise tomorrow again then you are following the routine, if you do not expect anything then you are being yourself. Makers are men, Creators are leaders who do you wish to be ?

The whole concept of writing this article is to give you the inspiration about life, to know your self and to understand the concept of falling. Isn’t it beautiful early morning-you wake up and see everything around you falling and you are dumbstruck. Imagine, Imagination is beautiful learn learning will give you knowledge to survive and struggle but never fall because falling is negative.

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